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First of all. Let me congratulate los angeles california for whooping larry elder's as i wasn't move to atlanta. I heard they were dancing in the street. It was balloons. it was parade. Triples was given have praise. It was a great day and lost angeles. They whooped his ads little radio show and talk that. Be as you've been talking because we don't like you you know when a homeless person throws egg at as go food when they give when they give up their food and cable breakfast up reckless the meal that they can throw it directly at you and angry. Daddy didn't hit you that. Yes we hate you. Larry elder dirt trump's loan anyway with that being said with that being said i had to write a song. This little short song larry elder. Now i wrote it about a television show and shows that i'm sure you would be watching. I didn't choose any black shelves. Because i'm sure you ain't watching. I'm sure sanford and son name another black. Show anybody on the town weighing seeing none of ed so and almost saying i'm assuming what you we know you have seen you would larry elder. I know you listening. Come listen to mr by larry. Elder wanted to governor. But we really didn't occur he was. Wls all snack made him sale cool bleep those days but he ended up sam leg him. Breeze hail batman. I love. i'm jay. Friday and saturday los angeles california mad g thing and ryan g baby. Watch i de as your friend. Steve harvey back now. Yeah yeah proud of mon that window. J. coming up in thirty four minutes after the hour september sickle cell. Wearing this month we will talk about sickle cell awareness. When we come back right after this you're listening to morning show. Hey everybody listen September watching you to be aware this is national sickle cell awareness month and this is a special interview Because our family member junior here on the show was born with sickle cell. He's made his so aware of this and supported this cause and really bought an awareness to that hasn't been on it before joining us. This morning is a renowned physician that has done. Indepth research over the years sickle cell disease. he is the chief medical officer at dillard university and professor at louisiana state university and tulane medical center. You've got to be smart to get all them. Jobs he's going to share some important information sickle sale. Please welcome to the show. Dr corey kluber doing today. Good good fight absolutely. Thank you for being known this morning. Man able something man you know sickle. Cell disease is rare inherited blood disorder that causes debilitating pain Disability and decreases life expectancy up to thirty years so when you say blood disorder explain what that means exactly what i'm about to blow your mind this morning junior because the issue of the blood disorder. Something that causes your your red blood cells the white blood cells but not act right okay and so nickel cell disease deals with the red blood cell and it caused it to turn into a sickle shape. Which means that it can't get through Do the veins appropriately causing pain. It causes you to have difficulty breathing. It caused you that kidney problems vision problems and you can't then you can die at a very early age. Did it's bad for disease. Absolutely because i know. I go through all of it everything you just said. I had all of them simpson's now this. Are they any new medications or treatments. That suppressing disease or help with the symptoms. Yeah there are there for the longest time. We didn't have any medical for about forty years for the reason. Why because basically the black. So people didn't put a lot of money in it and other diseases. That are kind of like this. They actually get like fatty times more money in research. Which is you know. Obviously that's always be issue but there is a better call embarrassments pretty new amongst the other one and Basically get the and you know we have all kinds of all kinds of side effects but you know junior when you talk about medicine. You gotta talk about something that's already in. Your glutamate is already in your body and it's kind of complicated like all kinds of medicines arm basically when you have anti oxidants anti oxidants can be issues in the body but when you have a medicine that actually restores it. Adhd in a d ratio. And not complicated. But i don't go. Deep in this league. Prevent oxidative damage which causes sickle cell problems. So it's good. Medicine affects very low and a lot of people with sickle cell. Don't even know that it exists but it's fda approved and it's very low side effects because the l. v. is already in the box. Do you know about his medicine absolutely We've we've talked about. It is the newest drug has been approved by the fda. And have you ever had to use it. Nah i never had to use. It just came out and we've talked about getting me some as a matter of fact i'm going to have yeah. Dull thank you appreciate appreciated man. Let me ask you something don dot. What can we do to bring more awareness and funding for six so disease research venture man. Blow your mind okay. And this is why i need a really handled it with you. When you talk about one of the number one causes a bit and previously number one cause of death in new black military recruits in america sickle cell trait not disease not old people in in In the united states have sickle felt shake million field traits. And you know you could. You could drop this and have no idea that you nicole treat. Young black men have dropped on the football field but sickle cell trait not disease. Every america testing for nichols cell trait in america. They federal law black or white and the test is already done on everybody. All you gotta do is call your state or call the you were born yet the result because it's criminal that people don't know that that right emerges emergency brock. We really appreciate you. And we're gonna we're gonna make this a national.

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