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They over to the visitor side where nobody connected with the cubs could here. In fact, nobody could really here, but nobody could see them talking or pay much attention and express his frustrations and very elliptical terms. He was never very clear that damn Leo or they spend too much money think duck maybe about his wife's different sports writing euro, Brian not only did earn didn't even have to say. Now this off the record. They knew George new Jerry new. He's are fine writers. You did a good job covering the team. It was a different era of sports writing. And there were certain things and certain ways. And especially if it was that you just knew he was using you to vent to talk. To somebody. He was approach you as a friend as somebody who he knew would not be trae his confidence. It's it's hard to think of in this era. But that's the way it was because it's funny when we think of the NBA right now at this moment time, the singular story of the NBA is so and so player is slightly vary. Exasperated with his coach team GM. Look what just happened with the Lakers couple of days ago, and he was feeling that to whatever degree, but it wasn't a story. And it wasn't considered. A story wasn't wasn't was off limits. I remember this took place in nineteen sixty nine was when the cubs riding high. You know, they were going good Ernie was playing well. Drove and one hundred six runs at here. That's the most ever by thirty eight year old man third in the league. He was really playing great. But even then even when times were things were good. He wanted to express it's the closest all the stories. I've heard I've heard of him expressing unhappiness with baseball at the time. You know, this is the fiftieth anniversary of that year. We're reading a lot about the amazing Mets amazing is not the educative. They use in Chicago. Greg. You say it was a tragic thing there were several tragedies in his career one. Was that between nineteen fifty five nineteen sixty. He was the most productive power hitter in baseball. Drove in more runs. Hit more hormones Willie Mays and Riera Mickey Mantle Eddie Mathews anybody else you got which is remarkable. They were all going to multiple World Series. Ernie's cubs in those years finished one hundred twenty three games out of first place. It's funny when you, but it's a tragedy..

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