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It works on your tablet works on Web Browser. It's made for busy people. WanNa get to the main points of a book quickly or for people like myself for not just a busy but also like you know. There's just some books. I see that I feel like I should know what's in them but I'm not going to invest the time that it takes to read the entire book. They I gotta say that for me is what the the hook is on blankets Something you can you work out. You can get the main points of a book within fifteen minutes myself. This is what It's it's it's basically for me just a way of looking at books that you know. I wouldn't read you know. Fukuyama has got a book out political order political decay. That's the kind of book that I'm like. I'm not gonNA read. That whole book number stored in the series is pretty good. Is it for Fukuyama? Yeah okay well. Maybe I will read apple of deepen of of digging in and deciding if I'm GONNA Have you ever heard of this book by Amy Chow Chu? I think political tribes. I haven't but I that's something that I'm like. Oh we key takeaways what the political tribes are stuff like. I don't know even They have a Mandela's long walk to freedom. I mean that one I could see doing a short version but that may be one. I would make Myla listen to a read. There's all sorts of things that blink is. They have all sorts of sort of how to better yourself type of books. The four hour workweek is the my big FAV- Tim Ferriss on there. But you know maybe you want to find out what Rachel Maddow's last book was like blow out. Well you don't want to read the whole thing fifteen minutes it's all it takes read that american-carnage the frontlines of this. Republican civil war the rise of Donald Trump. You can't you can't stomach it fifteen minutes..

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