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Internally this is being seen far from being a demotion this'll be seen as a very important job indeed well Thomas for the benefit of non-canadian listeners. What does an intergovernmental the governmental affairs minister do all day it does sound terrifically tedious Christy? Phelan Andrew I think. What will it'll be happening in that role is that if you look at provinces in the Midwest particularly Alberta Saskatchewan they didn't return a single liberal? MP The two parliaments they had largely a conservative sort of wave of of elections there so what she will be trying to do and this is sort of a lot of architects really. I think as much as anything else but I think you know. The narrative from the election was that Trudeau had sort of lost control of Alberta. which is the oil making heartland for example in Canada and other areas to who disagreed with his ideas on immigration for example and also his general sense of trustworthiness business? I think I think what this will mean intergovernmental affairs for Christa. Freeland is that you know. She will really be the bridge between Ottawa and those areas looking Quebec as well. That really voted in a way that you know really hamstrings Trudeau in lots of ways in terms of his agenda for for government. I think if you look elsewhere the cabinet. There are lots of Quebec wine piece that at now in the in the cabinet as well. I think that is intentional. To show Quebec that voted in large numbers for the Bloc Quebecois which before the election wasn't even a fully registered party given supported dwindle so much over the past few years years. It's not the third largest block on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. So there's a lot of optics play here but I think for free land. It will be a very important role as the years. Go on because Trudeau will now have to show. He's conciliator as much as someone leading the way. Well thank you Thomas. Now having spoken to a non-canadian in Canada. Let's let's talk now to a Canadian in Non Canada he in the studio in London is Monaco twenty-four Daniel Beach with a look at how Canada's newspapers Dealing with all this Dan. We've which one are we starting. Let's look at the National Post where the story is as Thomas suggested Christa freeland right in the center center of paper there A story about Freeland promising to listen hard as as as a quote. She will have a very difficult job but I think if anyone one is the face of trying to mend bridges and bring Canadians together. She's probably the safest bet she will. Literally maybe now Trudeau's right hand person. had a very hard portfolio before and A lot of the talk as well about Whether this was a demotion or not as Tomasz Moss suggested and whether she was given that deputy prime minister role to sweeten the deal a little bit. But I think It's A. It's a hard post for her. But it's it's definitely the one that all the papers are talking about I think it really does matter yesterday. The national poses Before the cabinet was announced says It it doesn't really matter who's in the cabinet because Trudeau has a very hard job ahead if we look at the other big papers. I've chosen three from Toronto. Here the National Post the Toronto Star in the Global Mail apologies to listeners from different regions of the country but Toronto is the center of the universe as you know How serious the nation of the western provinces to which you have just contributed I is actually getting. I mean is there is the actual secession sentiment looking in Alberta and Saskatchewan Yeah there is. I mean there is a very small movement to actually Leave the country but You know more people talking about. How do we get the economy economy going again? How do we get the oil industry going again and a lot of people still think That the West has been alienated. There is a new post A special representative presentative to the prairies. That was announced yesterday but A lot of people are a little upset about who was named as environment minister specifically who was not And this is seen as the prime minister actually caving to the West for them to get their way a little bit Someone who used to be the head of of The Greenpeace arm in Quebec Who the Andrew Scheer? The opposition leader called an activist has been named As Heritage Minister Nantz wants environment minister. There was a lot of concern because people in Quebec are very much against the oil sands. So there's that sort of that East West Clash Still I. I mean in in general. Is there a sense to you. Think of being willing to give Trudeau's new cabinet the benefit of an amount of doubt because obviously obviously if you govern I as the leader of a majority and then you return to offices the leader of a minority government. It's odd to avoid being seen as a somewhat diminished figure. That's true but I think the the image projected here is that it's time to play the adult. Put the sort of the the costumes aside and really start to govern so there are a lot of safe bats in this cabinet a lot of Same faces that we've seen in past like Marc Garneau and Bill Maher. No the people like that and this is a time where a trudeau really needs to focus on getting acting on his agenda. So there's a bit out of a serious face to this and that's the big part of the conversation. Today is the popular sentiment. Do you think summed up by that quite bracing cartoon which is on the Front of one edition of the national posted to the vet one. Don't don't F it up. That's that's basically what Troodos up against and that's all the members members of his cabinet. They're shouting at him as he stands on the other side of the room alienated but I think Again this is a government where Trudeau needs is to focus on national unity and the environment. That was the big thing out of the election and on the National Unity Front Kirsty. Freeland is now the face of that and really the focus. hocus Daniel Budge. Thank you for joining us. You're listening to the briefing on news. Panel is next monocle..

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