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Walgreen, CVS BED Bath and Rite Aid Knave Ege N A V A G E Isolation for Kate. Judges of Cambridge and wife of Britain's Prince William Kensington Palace now says she's self isolating for the next 10 days after coming in contact with someone who later tested positive for the coronavirus so far case not experiencing any symptoms. A New Jersey man now charged with assault with a deadly weapon after police in Washington, D C. Say he drove his car at pedestrians and smashed into a barrier near the Washington Monument. The incident happening on Saturday night, officials in charge of power grids are now starting to think small in an effort to keep the lights on. And the A C to a B C Chuck Sivertsen explains when a wildfire tore through Bryce Berg, California nearly two years ago, the tiny community near Yosemite National Park lost the only power line connecting it to the electrical grid, right. Other than rebuilding poles and wires over increasingly dry hillsides that could lead to more fires. Pacific Gas and electric gave Bryce Berg, a self reliant power system, the solar panels, batteries and a backup generator began operating this month. More Microgrids. Potentially hundreds could follow. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC News and Tyson Foods recalling nearly £8.5 million of chicken. There are concerns the ready to eat chicken may be contaminated with listeria. There are reports of two people getting sick that chicken was produced between December last year and this past April and was shipped all across the country. This is ABC News. Are you more than $10,000 in.

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