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I wanna start you are a big patriots fan who are also mr fantasy football jimmy garoppolo traded to the forty er is a what did scot graeme willing the patriots fan think of it and be what scott graham wing fantasy grew roof think of jimmy g with the forty nine dollars while the greater the patriots fan uh you're going to get one thirty four probably overall pick uh at the backup quarterback i i know there were comfortable griping word by are we picked a little ground got that around today whoa that's not at all burgers will stir third of the guy who quite quarter who and what i think that they are every important trying to get up by walter we were on the front responsible gun with him could it be to back up the good work where he didn't play in a exceptionally well i i guess they could quickly the weight lou uh from a fantasy standpoint i think if uh if you're a keeper lean garoppolo one body who want to target i don't but but word i think that uh he didn't i i don't think you can count on for anything how fan in offense is quite coop lack even been uh some murmur coming out there we're in that corrupt news no guarantee grabble play that didn't uh that could just be code beat put that on the other hand that at uh one and a wedding why would you trot out jimmy garoppolo there you really don't have that much game this is a player that has nfl experience from gained burien it's not like you're trying to get a a rookie sort of acclimated to the speed of the game so i i think this year it uh it really not want garoppolo can do or is going to do to help you out i think that if you're in it two q really maybe consider picking them up but you know keep in mind to buy we go there's only a couple of war we by glass uh you know they'll be gone after we eleven pope not like they're going to have to dig deep into the well in one reading oh yeah the coop was going to be a you're middle the pack quarterback in two thousand coup i think a long shot you can help you in any way in two thousand seventeen or and i take it the great trade scarred rambling a famous he football draft guided draft engine dot com are fantasy expert.

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