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Nearly $2 billion in tax relief plans into law in Maryland A man he said it could never be done in Maryland but together we did it Maryland governor Larry Hogan was talking about the tax relief bills passed in Annapolis including tax breaks on retiree incomes totaling $1.5 billion State Senate president Bill Ferguson We're talking about nearly 1 million marylanders 982,000 people specifically who will receive well earned tax relief Hogan Ferguson and House speaker Adrienne Jones also signed bills aimed at helping families with tax exemptions on diapers car seats and baby bottles During this session Hogan and state lawmakers also suspended the state's gas tax for 30 days Kate Ryan WTO news It was the first census after World War II the baby boom had just begun in some industrial cities were reaching peak populations And now after 72 years prescribed by federal law the national archives just released the 1950 census results Washington Post reporter Michael Wayne tells that in 1950 D.C. still carried several characteristics from the 40s There was still a fair amount of poverty in D.C. people still heated their homes with coal There were several thousand dwellings in Washington that had no bathtub or shower 7000 homes did not have flush toilet 3000 homes in D.C. still had no electric plot Wow you can hear the full interview with the post Michael ray and at 8 ten this evening on WTO The Washington area is gearing up to get major transportation projects underway in the hope that it'll mean a smoother commute for you Mitchell Miller is on Capitol Hill So many of the folks who may be listening to this interview are likely going to be sitting in traffic Virginia congresswoman Abigail spanberger who says infrastructure funding is likely to include projects along an especially busy stretch of highway Certainly there's so many bridges throughout the Commonwealth particularly as you are heading south along 95 Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg recently announced billions of dollars in three new grant programs that states and localities can apply for all at once So we can get those dollars flowing and into the ground get dirt moving and get those needed transportation improvements On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO news Coming up in just a couple of minutes a Northern Virginia neighborhood is working to deter flocks of roosting crows I'm akeisha James 5 14 Find everything you need to organize your home or office during court furniture outlets spring.

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