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With your six o'clock update. I'm Karen Curtis. Good morning on this Monday. A controversial arresting Coral Springs. Cell phone video showing a Florida police officer repeatedly punching a flashing year old girl on her side is going viral teenage girls mom is furious. Saying her daughter was pinned on the ground with her arms underneath while the officer struck her the girl then taken away in a police vehicle. On. I got. I was furious. What he did was not it was not justified at all. According to authorities officers were called to the coral square mall. Thursday about a group of unruly teens. And the Coral Springs police say the officers actions were one hundred percent within the policy and not excessive on some kind of film released from prison system and a high risk sex offender Martin county sheriff William Snyder man dead after multi-count police chase ended an apparent suicide in Martin county. Cartridge took place Saturday from Florida city to pub- city led to deputies closing the northbound lanes of the forty turnpike for hours Hollywood's twenty eight-year-old Michael was wanted after leaving a seat of a crash and he gave chase when deputy tried to pull over his car as thirty years lost control during the chase deputy said they heard a gun go off of the cars or Dita's was found dead. This is Ricky bowl of news talk. Eight fifty W F C L. Well, six people have been hurt after an apparent gang related shooting in Jacksonville yesterday afternoon. Five men and a woman shot at a laundromat. TIAA Bank field about a half hour before the Jaguars kickoff. Detectives believed the shots were fired from a car, but they're not sure how many shooters or how many shots were fired the victims range in age in their twenties to their seventies. And Jacksonville sheriff's offices three of the victims have life threatening injuries. Miami Dade police said yesterday morning a husband walked into a KFC Inderal and confronted his wife their shot her several times.

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