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Radic. Down. I think as, as an as a African slash Kenyan man, and as a appreciate of generic African accents, and an appreciate of Kenyan men. We will the only two people that laughed. If you haven't listened to our Black Panther episode. We spend about fifteen minutes talking about forest Whittaker, and how you should never rely on him for nuances, and being able to enunciate would I think Lance Rettig is definitely a runner up. What was he doing? It looks so cumbersome like it's. It looks so forced. Edit could del his not comfortable in doing well, it doesn't affect his acting, of course, in just fills a bit labored and doesn't take anything away from from, from the movie it was a did. I would argue that raises -tracting it added a comedic effect for I think it was supposed to be funny. Teach. It wasn't supposed to be funny. And we were the only one laughed. Times audio aware on. Times, Occidental strongbow Occidental stronger than other bits. And when it was stronger, it felt really, really wrong and quite other, no. Let me find out that his character, which according to trivia, a wasn't until the second or third movie that we got to know his name, which is Charon, let me find out that Lance Rettig just created that accent, just so he could get more attention on this great. Bali do love Las ready. Mall hills born in Baltimore's. I don't know where he got that accent from I have no idea. But we're not coming for Lance Riddick. We do love a strong Daniels from the Wia in our household. So let's just leave it there. But yet he got very distracting very quickly and then we have, oh my John leg grease armor. I do apologize. If you're listening to this playing Aurilia I can say that one to two points to me. He's, he's quite he's quite a good friend to have. He, he recognized that was John wicks cau- in the first movie and he pretty much pulled up film graduate, which will come to in a second. The next in the actually, let's talk about our he Alfie Allen, who you didn't even realize is the brother to linear, Allan. They guard who plays ESF Tarasov. He has a terrible face, and I apologize to your mother. Oh, your father, wherever you go your face from. Just does not have a face. You wanna love Jesus Christ. But it looks like this Lisi guy. He if leads the Raleigh, blaze he feet, how yours Dion was quite sleazy until he we've done game herds, and then now he's a mobster's son and just fits him. It's like a glove, you know, just someone that's not willa justed, essentially. And then we have Helen, the face that launched a thousand headshots. Played by Bridget. Moynahan. She's, she's essentially the catalyst of this movie and we keep going into the Talbot, let's just keep going through the cost. But I do want to talk about MRs Wicken house. She was a catalyst. But essentially in a snapshot that is the main cost for the first John wick movie. Right. So let's move onto chapter two and can I dunno like, maybe you know, whether you're second movie is going to be picked up on. But it bothers bothers me that it's John wake. Then chapter two then parallel. And can we come down? Would you have it as one two three? Get a Nazi teammate. Get on this. Not. So you can do. All right. So let's talk about the cost in chapter two. So we've got out king Kiana raves. We've got a McShane as Winston and then we have a matrix reunion. So not only do we have director, Chad. Who was also the stuntman four canneries in the matrix. We've now have the culmination of the matrix reuniting with Laurence Fishburne. Yes. And he's the Barry king. And at how reference again, talking about how they met it was so reminiscent all the matrix, and our just blew she you on the floor plan to clean, the walls and everything it was a catastrophe. Yeah. But there was so much subtext, and it did fade to all the fan, boys. And, you know, mitt, perhaps fan goals of the world that really resonated with that, that just waited to revive the matrix series or at least the characters beautiful. And the opposite of beautiful that will mention is ruby rose, who plays Aries. I don't wanna talk. I don't want heard to stain the rest of this episode so let's just get all of our bureaus commentary out now. So we can have a good time for the rest of the episode. Should do watch for me out. I've seen in a few things and I don't really not really resonated with our all Dame pay too much attention to it. And when she died quite quickly. Yeah. Hoppy, even though it was end of the movie, I just, I don't get the appeal with very res- and, you know, Mally I am quite supportive of my ustralian brothers and sisters, even when I, I'm going to sound like soup a hipster, but I just wanna say that my non affection towards ruby right started before she even made it to American shows shows on MTV Australian. I really didn't understand what the big hope with a capital w hate was about her. I just really didn't understand why she was a thing is this, they'll strums call the toiling, poppy, pope or something. I think I think that's the Kenyan in France. The toll poppy singer. I think they're, they're phrases all around the world even in America, and, you know, earthy has revealed the Kenyan praise the toll people. Let's

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