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But a guy like Josh Reynolds helped his confidence I believe. Yup. Because that particular position those particular throws, those particular temps would go on to a guy who's in your favourite house in Cooper Cup. Yeah. And coober couples not part of is. But Josh Reynolds was the security blanket for him as well as ever at times in that conference level set in where he realized I can get the football to multiple people in this particular game. Despite not having the guy that I trust the most it Cooper Cup. So a built his confidence plus the New Orleans Saints really did create a whole lot of. Discomfort. They they only sack him once. He he he had a lot of time to make throws in early. They had the communication as you hear Sean McVeigh talking about Gerry Goffin him not being able to communicate early in the game. Yeah. And that's that's what you love about inventing. That's kind of what we've said all along. And those kind of things are things that we're not really exposed to us coaches. But when he talked to his teammates, those are the guys that really know the communication that goes on in the huddle having to deal with can you even hear what I'm saying? But being able to command those guys, you know, have them believe in what we're getting ready to go do. And I thought the drive at the end of that first half was instrumental Brennan cooks Mesa. Great catch. Then Todd makes an unbelievable run to be able to punch it in that got us a little bit of momentum. Obviously the first drive we had coming out of the second half wasn't ideal. But like we said, you know, guys just kept fighting and Jared's mental toughness was a big part of us being able to win that today and with these elements. You know, that's a great defense. I thought coach Alain and the saints defense didn't outstanding job Sloan. Today, and we made enough plays to be able to win it as a team. And that's what you love about this game. Goths mental toughness was on full display, and I'll tell you what about Sean McVay the call to fake that point because they had nothing going key. When he called that fake. Johnny Hecker makes the past Sam shields that was the first spark the Rams at all day. No it was in in in. When you think about the Rams, they never wavered down six. Oh, they never got there or never fell watching a game that the Rams felt like this is getting ready to get away from us. The biggest play in the entire game that changed the entire game the entire game. And I'll tell you about that in a minute. But you'll know exactly what play. I'm talking about Travis. Yes. Fifty. The knicks. Stop. Plus, plus the Rams have an opponent. The New England Patriots who else was gonna come out of the AFC will get into assignment as well. That's coming up next..

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