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Thanks for coming out, takes up, Jaylen, Brown is obviously a star, but that's when we're talking about, you know, if players, you know, for about Jalen Jason and players not seeming to fit in with them or this. That, and the other thing, I think, at some point, you know, if you, if you have to stay between one of the two guys, I think we all agree that Tatum is his number was a guy and, and, and Browns and number two, guy if you decide between one of them your runs over. So you gotta figure out how to make them both. You have to get, like, I'm reading the go down with the ship, like until they both both contracts expire know, down the road. The only choice in Joseph says, no, it's not. I mean how do you get the legal reason? I don't think. I don't think this offseason. You're thinking do you have not the Sox? No, no. Of course, I'm not trying to get rid of one of them. I think I'm just saying I'm talking about tennis players that fit and players that don't get paid before the season started. I agree. You have to do, you have to do everything. Brad Stevens is. Number one job is to build the roster. Wear, sneakers, fit around him a brown so far, it hasn't happened. So we'll see the camera moves a good start because ultimately, he wasn't going to be able to fit into that Dynamic. We had a sense that that was the case. Very, very early last season. Are they better better now? I mean, if you, I think so real, you think the team on the court is better now day than it was before the trade. I really think they are no jobs because because of the defense, the unreliability in terms of it would have been just as good putting them on the bench. So, no, the answer is but you can't put him on the it's like what we just watched for Ben Simmons, Jersey. And have a thirty million dollars, you get enough in return to justify, you got players in positions that weren't necessarily positions of need. You got things that you need a defense passing shooting in Horford, he is a much better fit on this roster and Kemba and frankly he might be spending a fire at this point. He's only he's he might be a better fit but you have nothing to replace Kemba with. You don't, you don't have to, you can't replace the scoring and you don't have a point guard right now. So the whole it leaves on this team is bigger than whatever you create by adding what you added. So they're worse today in my opinion. They're worse, does it? But, um, there's nothing. No default. So you want you going Rob? Horford, Tatum Sam's, never forward. You're running double big shooting guard. Yeah, I'm twenty-eight, we doing this again, double big phone number again. They're running double bags. Okay, night. All right, thank you for twenty years but I keep probably starts. And I will come off the bench. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Well, Richard Nesmith Romeo, how does it want to buy the winning a certain age, you don't want that 5 spot know if they'll tell you that you're going to play Twenty or so minutes and you're probably going to play Live at the five, you're cool with that because that means you're wear-and-tear isn't going to be what it was off to expect you to play 30. 35 minutes at the five spot, that's the problem with your Al. You don't want to. You don't want that kind of smoke. Twenty minutes..

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