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On something here. Even though we haven't because i crow crow into something else in what did. I do like roebuck. Clawbacks into three dumpsters. they yeah. Resolution is an actual christmas specialists the last episode season. But it's hived often shown at christmas. Accept his new year. Three doctors is famously. The story that feels like it should be a special and isn't a special is just the first part of season. But if they'd just waited a few months everyone would have been filled if administered especially loved it moaned about the about the in sense. Three dollars gets away. it doesn't it. It gets away with it because it's got the the unit family and the regulars are always very well written by baker mountain and at what was going to say omegas the heart the realism america's plight for a story about where the not just the big plot twist for the emotional thrust of the story. Emotional crux of the story is because despair. Finding outfit he no longer exists because realized with with a man in a fancy dress. Take his hat off. Often there's no head there that could go either way. Couldn't it could be ludicrous. But i think he's done for a nicely and despite students phones best efforts over oversell the moment i think that's i think that's the point to hindus all around. It's quite clever science fiction idea. I i saw when i was ten and i feel on us. I wasn't expecting that and it's not always that often get doctor who is not really as a show. The often surprises you as many qualities. So yes i think. It's almost the model of what you'd want from a joyous anniversary special but as i said last time mr ellison dr tyler are not good enough guest characters to deserve the amount of time they should have been bigger juicier and larger. And i'm sorry. I always say that bulb and dave if you're out there listening but you yeah you get there eventually resolution. Yeah i remember enjoying that quite a lot more as a story. that's enjoy mostly a puffer. Fueled moments that. Take me out of it. The at some things surprised seeing something that you haven't seen before and that's not easy to do the daleks it. A kind of thought had enough of seen him outside their cases. I saw the mute. Because i realize what was important so reestablished the effect that they were one in new. Who's as why. We saw a lot of them outside their machines but some after dark sec when did not prove the success that it was obviously supposed to be kind of hoped would never forgotten that route again. But this one. Yeah and i think ever since kitty watching resurrection the daleks where the blown up i push when i have a bloody window explodes because everywhere and yet this the mutant survived that crawls back up the wall hides in them is in the shadows pretending to be a. Kansas jumps up people's throats. That's the first time i've had any idea they could that resilient and it gives a good a underappreciated points in that is full of full of sensation sometimes. Just the sake of sanitation. And then it's probably up there with that having clinging to her at fresh meats back and mentally controlling her is not something we've seen before but it fits in with andrea. These things are powerful. Don't try to have its cake and eat it. Sometimes we are told. They are nothing pitiful creatures outside their armor. And that's all that's all they are. They're nothing without their armor but which is the works psychological level in tons of doctor. Has i think been telling. Them may works in the boat..

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