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Vip member from south. Bend indiana justin. What was the job like at the allstate arena for the money in the bank. Pay per view mate vent of sam punk versus john cena. I came over as purely electric on television. That was one of my top matches in the post attitude era. He's got questionable with that. When you talk about moments that you remember and you talk about all the matches you watch. And yeah i mean they become a blur. I'm a kid. I remember thinking. I bet these wrestlers remember every match. They ever have in every finish when you're eleven you don't have as much history so you you know first of all when you're a kid in your eleven you don't remember being four so you have like five years to remember everything and everything is new and also a lot of a lot less big matches back then because if you think about it he was Pay per views. What once a quarter. So i could tell you the the lineups and different things that happen on all the papers like ninety one ninety two ninety three but if you ask me to name anything about you know backlash in two thousand three i. I know there became so many reviews and so many shows. It's hard to take out. But he just brought a money in the bank. And that i just mentioned was one of my favorite moments The it was really cool. It was so different it was Sh- everything surrounding. It was really cool and then to be in chicago in the rosemont horizon which that arena smaller. It's definitely a smaller arena. But it's also got the chicago thin and this chicago pens are among the best and standing in that rate with everything that was going on bonds and in the storylines and punk music. it's and seen as music hits at plays was incredible. I think pumpkin come up first and the engines was awesome. And he's just sitting there the music playing the crowd's going crazy and then see plays goes crazy again. It's just everything around that you could just feel that in the rain And then again. Back to what i was allowed to do and allowed to do wasn't allowed to to give the appropriate introduction so sometimes it would be okay. That'd be able to get away with it sometimes. I couldn't it just depended where i was with the company at that point You wanna give a huge introduction for punch you wanna give a huge introduction foreseen. because that's what goes along with it that's finish the atmosphere that's the characters But sometimes you knew that you had the head coach on and you were allowed to give that huge introduction that would be fitting for that moment so i hope. I never took away from that. It would be hard to But sometimes i'd be allowed to give a good introduction. And sometimes i wouldn't so just you know that was. That was all part of it. I just feeling that night. I wanted to give huge introductions because that moment was like no other before we get to anti second question. I wanna ask a follow up on that. How often did you work with or here from wrestlers themselves about how they wanted to be introduced. Did you ever add an inflection to a name and have that wrestler tell you afterwards i love that or can you dial that down a little bit or accentuate this aspect. A little bit differently. Would you believe me if i told you that. I can't recall anybody. Ever bring it up about their introduction Interesting i've been asked me from this tonight. 'cause my actual hometown or hey can you to fit this in like we tried getting like the big guy in farai back i would throw little things I would joke with curtis axel. Because i would whatever reason just like us a minnesota accent when introducing him from minnesota. We would joke about that. But i don't think anybody was ever like he. He do that again or you. Which is it's crazy but it's true but no no protests either. Nobody gone You know like being overly critical or being talked about bullying. And i know you're talking. Mostly about management But did you ever experience wrestlers looking down at you or being dismissive of youth treating you like you're invisible or in the way like what was the attitude of in general or maybe you can't speak in general because there was such vast differences in how wrestlers treated non wrestlers who contributed to the show on or off camera. Oh yeah when. When i first came in it was bad it was totally different. Era back then Anti bullying campaign going back that that was a much different time. But yeah i I eight eight dirt for a long time But even even as even as time went on there still always that hierarchy of you know really your ring announcer you don't take any bumps And that was the mentality and some guys thought that way. Some guys would say which i can see it from their perspective. We're going in there or killing ourselves every night and you know you just what do you do But then other guys would say. Hey you're making all these sounds you're You're on the road night after night city. Three different cities three countries in one day. You're you're doing the deal your hotel hopping and different rental car. Hotel different You know whatever every day You're in the trenches with us so it just it depends on the guy. It was more of an old school mentality. Where if it was your ring announcer. And then i think it's time went on And it became accepted into..

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