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Hosting its sixtieth anniversary bursary celebration this weekend. How cool is that. A key figure in toledo history is joy fair a short time champion joy all time nine wins leader with not answering against him late model. That's cool a long list alleged of raised it toledo from nascar hall of famers to short-track icon dick trickle. The kings been there also has those with arcus zimmerman's you up yes. Many drivers earned our coin's including our our own parker kleger mun now patrick clinger meant remember to share your short track like it does with the hashtag my track my roots john angst one last week is modified feature at mississippi thunder speedway where where where is oddly it's in wisconsin. Go figure the cow geno and tyler read all cut their teeth cycle lanes got kicked cycle bye bye bye driver not much taller taller than those guys how people made fun of me that i couldn't fit the same car that they fit in ask man guzzler one last week in super street race at motor mile l. speedway in verse wind in more than five years rats buddy plays a great guy and i've actually attack my roots. Thank what you got for sending those. Is it true a little birdie told us that if you had gotten to be in sprint car or up costa one that it might have it might have changed your trajectory a little bit is that true so i grew up watching my grandfather race cars and i wanted nothing more than to raise third springer's and he would not let me wouldn't let me he said no because i'm going to say this and he's probably watching because he tried to asphalt all race in wasn't good at it but he was phenomenal on dirt. He's he. He blamed on the fact that you learn bad habits from dirt racing note. If you ever want to make something of yourself and you wanna go race nascar one day. I'm knocking late. Let you race a dirt sprint car because you'll learn too many bad habits so he was wrong. Jeff gordon tony stewart kyle larson. The list goes on plenty of people run dirt sprint cars and have have done okay. I will say that your grandfather obviously had the same philosophies richard petty because he said if you spent too much it's time on dirt. You couldn't run asphalt. He was wrong to hear that story at a my track. My roots track stenhouse shoot racing routes. We were the ditch and international speedway. That's right. I love watching it and always wonder race one and you never got to you think you made the right move out. We're going to get back to the phone lines and take more your calls next on motormouth. They'll go.

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