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Services quarterback LLC w w we're on Affiliated entities this is Jeff, McKinney and the WR newsroom the heat is even hotter today than, it has been the. Last couple of days the third. Day of our current wave we have feel like temperatures up around. One hundred and five. Degrees or more and as the. Temperature sizzle the city of Hobo continues to cope with water main breaks to more just since yesterday afternoon the latest in a long series of, breaks, for Hoboken and today hoboken's mayor is, going to court suing the, city's water, provider Suez water another day another water main break the latest. At one forty five this morning sending water cascading into the past station seventeen water main breaks over the past sixty five days including yesterday's right around the corner in a city. Residents are calling ho broken enough is enough this, is a, public, safety, threat. Mayorov e Bala blaming Suez water but senior VP retaining says we can tell you right now what causes main breaks old. Pipe a hundred years old I'm Sara Lee Kessler for seven, ten w.. O. r. two cents a body parts found in garb Bags. In two, different Bronx locations and are thought to be linked the latest set of. Remains found yesterday at Baretto point park and hunts point and the others founder of the entrance to Crotone apart four days earlier. The first set remains known to be. Those of a woman and police are working on an ID for her high profile members of the Trump, administration will be departing his White House position President Trump announced on Twitter that White House counsel Don Mcgann will be leaving his position in the fall. After the president says he hopes is the successful confirmation Abrek Cavanaugh to the supreme court the. President writes quote I have worked with Don for, a long time, and truly appreciate his service Mcgann spoke. Extensively to the special counsels team meeting with Robert Muller's investigators on at least three separate occasions sources tell. ABC news mcgann's attorney wrote an Email to. The president's legal team to offer. Reassurances that Mcgann did not incriminate, Mr. Trump Karen Travers ABC, news the White House Senator John McCain alliance state today at the, state capital on what. Would have been as eighty second. Birthday a private ceremony for McCain's family today followed by public viewing The former vice president Joe Biden will speak, at a memorial service for McCain at north Phoenix Baptist church tomorrow governor, Cuomo challenges Cynthia Nixon are squaring off tonight in our only scheduled debate before next month's democratic primary and Nixon wants to. Control the room temperature during tonight's competition seventy. Six degrees that's the room temp camp next him, once when Cynthia Nixon. And the governor debate tonight at Hofstra the reported request. Came in an Email to the new station moderating and airing the contest noting working conditions. Are notoriously sexist, when, it comes to room temps and we just wanna make sure we're all on the same page here Cam Cuomo responded just as one might expect with unlike Nixon the governor has more important things to focus on them room temperature Alice Stockton Rosellini seven ten a comedian Louis c. k. back in the spotlight after sexual misconduct allegations, forced him, into the shadows here's the latest now from correspondent Johnson disgrace.

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