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The st louis rams and was in a very meal that light them right is dick for meal there was there though interest yeah we'll just give this guys shot kurt warner had he had success needle in the nfl europe and in the arena league yummy neil reno ag was like it was like top dog in the arena lead with dire robot with a bunch of robbers but you know he's just tired of this journeymen guy in the nfl ya i've been the packers camp when he of a little bit younger and you know just never really never saw the field ever he's with the rams is the backup for trent green entrench green gets gets heard blows is me out in a preseason game yoke against the charges on a forget it because it was rodney here's the met hit him and incomes kurt warner and big dick meal was like in the post game press conference he sees in tears it needs to say we're going to rally around kurt warner in rural play good football him i mean come on who the hell was drinking when that happened they were dig for me it was sitting there crying at the at the press press conference as he did often i'll tell you who was manny kurt eugene warner was coming this is my time he comes in other nowhere in he's the league mvp and they in the super bowl aw ed he played great that year the great hall on terror four heat will ob yell for forty three hundred yards up forty one tvs thirteen interceptions a sixty five point one completion percentage one hundred nine point two quarterback rating i did this great year and like you said you could you could not you could not right that story the fact that that was real life like if you wrote that as movie are going to be like that's really corny that doesn't happen it right let's really corny that doesn't happen but it happen lme lynn egos heat so they win the super bowl he goes back two years later wins the mvp again but go to the super bowl the dan luger the patriots in that super bowl but he got hurt that the second your dinty for the.

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