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Problem darts. Because we're human being. We beaten like this person has been fasting for hours. They starving they overindulge and overeat eat. And that's when we really can not get the full benefit of them and is that it for some people is that because their blood sugars low or for example people that take insulin. How does that work for them? Too fast they say they. You know they're taking insulin long acting Basil Insulin. And they're supposed to take insulin when the E so with fasting. Do They not take insulin. Because they're not eating and they only take the you know the the fast acting the rapid acting again so people with diabetes and Ramon have a very special challenge for both at risk of having glocer during the evening hours but then having very high sugars after the if dr which is the big meal in the evening so it makes it even more challenging both ways for diabetics most the majority of diabetic who are on oral agents. He just pills. The majority of them can't fast reasonably safely and they don't need to adjust their medication that much especially when they don't have high risk of having of earth are they had high-pricing before now the people who are on. Insulin is a bit of a different challenge. Because insulin like I in in a healthy individual who does not have diabetes when they fast. And that's what the study in England and all that when they fast. They've seen their insulin. Level goes really low almost undetectable levels so prevent them from having hypoglycaemia and they think. That's what may we set the insulin resistant type thing. That can happen in obese and diabetic people who take like the insulin long acting insulin or the fast acting insulin insulin. Staying in their system. They're eating or not and then can lead to be your hypoglycaemia the majority of people who elect to fast While there is still on insulin they most of them they will need to change the timing and the dose of their insulin. So sort of the fast acting insulin. You're not gonNA take any fast acting when you're not eating but even the Basil Insulin. The Long Acting. Insulin probably need to move the timing audit from if you take it in the morning you really want to move it to take it in the where the evening around the evening meal. And most of guidelines recommend to cut back does by ten fifteen to twenty percent to prevent these low sugar during the fasting hours. And what if you're on an insulin pump? Would you do the same thing? So you would adjust your basil bullish recog- a although I was reviewing some guidelines are on the safety of fasting during Ramadan. I'm not a clergy percents. So it's really hard to tell you can't believe take responsibility and saying you can fast and you cannot fast so this is a very hard decision for a personal decision to make once you get there. But in general there are few high risk markers really make people have to stop and think twice before they want to make that decision and proceed with the fast thing. And You you're well-controlled on pomp and you can feel the hypoglycemia. Continuous Glucose Monitor Daring. And he can tell when you're hypoglycemic. Then that's fine but if you don't or you have the hypoglycemia unawareness need you. Can crash down without even having warning symptoms..

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