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Classes there on Monday there's send it back to Mike and will guys this will be the forty Niners sixteen shipping ship conference championship game in the Super Bowl era that puts them second in NFL history over that time in terms of conference championship appearances I'm sure you both know exactly who would be number one I'm just gonna say it's the bears mayors governors they've been there five times the answer would be of course the Pittsburgh Steelers yes seventeen interestingly the Dallas Cowboys haven't been since nineteen ninety five yeah they're tied with the forty Niners it's sixteen appearances so that would drop on sixteen times and then having been in the last twenty four years that's wild yeah see it's funny because you quite at that that's a good piece of trivia there Ralph because I mean that's what we're doing with the Lakers until their six year drought of plans right was here's how many times they've been to the NBA championship round for all those years in that office and you have a six year drought everybody brings their hands like that at all yeah yeah I had a pretty good for a long long time course a twenty four year drought for the cowboys are gonna see Mike McCarthy can fix that but yeah dynastic are in form and later on today Jimmy Grobbelaar tries to be that guy to take him to the promised land and get back into the Super Bowl in we got to navigate the smiths for the Green Bay Packers a defense that over time early on in the season just wondering exactly what they weren't what a hype and I didn't buy it didn't buy it and you know what at some point you just say forget it it's working whatever it is you may not be flashy it may not be sexy at times but they're getting it done much like many would say with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm at the quarterback position will let's go Jim Meeker rob Lowe he's getting it done is getting done might is this the one where he puts his stamp on it with a big game the run game it was going to do their thing but that Jimmy Garoppolo Emmanuel Sanders George cattle and my guy I love watching Debo said will play Biggie's going to be a star item I don't I I met Debo he's built like a running back bill like a running back also listed as receiver No Way that's why it's tough Hatem sell for really good rookie year quietly and are there so many other headlines and I think that's I think to the benefit a lot of these guys here in San Francisco and then when you've got a guy like Richard Sherman who will be happy to get to the microphone and speak for every ball my gosh tell me about it and if so do you think right what do you think Jimmy was worth the investment so far sure win games I gotta go win a big one I made at the time it was signed the the one thing that when we were breaking it down and and Smith you've worked with Jason are you know he was adamant against it I said well market rate at the time and they had some out if they wanted him now the route clearly gonna try to execute them at least a short term ones like it was a good deal for bowl Jimmy got paid on the strength of a small sample size and having worked behind Brady for the forty Niners they paired him up with Shanahan and said here you two are lock step for the next one five six years that's the way you you build a team right you you say this is our direction and this is where we're headed yeah and and I I think is right to let you know they they are they have that you be like that's the sad thing is like when you have an organization it's quite frankly you have to have your quarterback and I feel like they're they're set and that and that please and you know this this was the year because I understand you were gonna hurt and they had a high draft pick and they had a lot of money to spend in free agency a lot but the like something like sixty nine dollars something crazy and but you gotta at all has to be right ya got to make it work and that's exactly what they capitalized on yeah I mean because you will get in the same division right Seattle became the hallmark of how you want to build the team right find your quarterback on the cheap or even if he's a first rounder right he gets a big signing bonus but the salaries not huge that you can then deploy money elsewhere if you draft soundly it works here you just so happen to have the the injury to Jimmy G. that says Hey we get closer delivered to our already pretty stocked defense of wine and Richard Sherman turns back the clock for a couple years and is planned lights out ball here and the run game I mean all of it comes together and the trade to bring in a manual Sanders right really I don't know that it got the same same push that it should have as to what he's meant to opening this offense up no and but that's what they were missing they were missing that one like not so much explosive receiver that can make you said take the top or the first but that big game big you know big time receiver who can make those tough plays when needed and the crunch time where he can do he can get the he can run the ten yard date on third and twelve you know when you really need it or he could run that got that scene ball he could run any single route and make those important catches to help win the game and that's what they needed and that's they went out and got that so could also could also them kudos to the fact that thankfully the Denver had by the way I'm watching professional bowling I just saw got road Caraballo I here's you know who it was his first goal whoa whoa yeah he wants to make sure your sorry I got his name will get and he just got the spare so he's good he came back and got this out with with the strike all I got to chat a little bit Hey things you thought you'd never see thank you Sam for the quick bowling can knock down as you go through so yeah the so yeah it they went they went guy who they needed in a cash and that's it thank luckily you know Denver has a guy called the son who actually got promoted a probable they have their somebody already wanted already have where they could make that trade yeah I worked out well we you and I talked about Cortland set in a lot this year that we saw withdrew locked down the stretch their set up for some success we'll see how it flows going for do coordinator ostensibly you bring in Schirmer we'll see about offense takes its next step but we gotta make picks coming up next as we continue on fox football Sunday we have a great lesson in the NFL and how easily it is to get so fine and we got another quarterback who just get moved out of his home yeah I know it's real estate won a one here on Fox Sports radio he's well black men at will Blackmon Twitter Instagram find me over at soul don't my my Carmen we finish up make our picks and get you set for championship Sunday next year on Fox Sports radio we can't put those bad boys to work doc's sports free interact with us weather for and after your championship Sunday I love it Fox.

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