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Hello and welcome back to control out late. My guest day is Chloe Milligan. She is the founder of mud, urban flowers, which she created in early two thousand seventeen. Unlike traditional Flores mud operate solely online, and in such a short amount of time, it's become a great success and it is absolutely thriving. And I wanted to talk to Chloe about how she founded the company. Mud has expanded into multiple cities and has plans to continue growing UK wide via franchises from early two thousand nineteen. I sat down with khloe all about her business, flora, stray how she uses social media and what tips she composite onto anyone wanting to start their own business. We recorded this episode in Glasgow. I was up that with the Royal Bank of Scotland as part of a campaign they are doing is being one hundred years since women were granted the vote and Royal Bank of Scotland decided to bring together some of Scotland's most inspiring and like minded motivated women at a series of four network. Events called Royal Bank. One hundred women, the events with that to discuss confidence blips imposter syndrome, the behind the scenes of many businesses that look good on paper and in general, just to encourage and support and connect business women together and really share lessons of life advice. They've accumulated along the way. The events were held in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and I got to spend the week in Scotland, which was so fun. And he discussed some of the statistics that were found in the report commissioned by the Royal Bank of Scotland that revealed some of the biggest challenges facing women in business today and what we can do to overcome them. So I hope you enjoyed this episode that we recorded prior to the panel, say thanks to everyone that came to the events. Thanks who've Rohbock of Scotland for putting on the events and to all of the brilliant panelists as well as the people that got involved online. So I hope you enjoyed this episode and here it is..

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