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On the hour, presented by Capital One Bank. I'm Deborah Rodriguez airline passengers in the US have been dealing with widespread. Flight delays this morning live to CBS's. Vicki Barker, south west United jet blue at delta among the carriers affected by an outage at aero data which supplies flight planning data. Here's another situation. Where key computer system has crashed aviation expert, Michael boys, so definitive on computer systems. When that happened a lot of things start to collapse. Chicago New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami and Detroit airports affected, the FAA's just announced the systems backup a check with your airline. If you're flying today. Deborah lawmakers on Capitol Hill are busy at work. Crafting a resolution to authorize subpoenas for special counsel, Robert Mueller's full report on the Russia investigation. Correspondent Steven Portnoy is at the White House with the attorney general advising congress that he won't make the Tuesday. Deadline. Democrats have set the House Judiciary committee is now set to authorize a subpoena for the full Muller report. In addition chairman Jerry Nadler says he'll also seek to compel documents and testimony from five people close to the president list of those set to receive subpoenas includes former aide Steve Bannon, rhines Priebus and hope Hicks along with former White House counsel, Don Mcgann, a former Nevada assemblywoman claims up probable democratic presidential candidate touched her inappropriately at a rally in twenty fourteen Lucy Florez telling her story on CBS this morning. All of a sudden, I feel I feel hands on my shoulders, and and vice president Joe Biden is behind me Florez claims Biden smelled her hair and planted a kiss on the top of her head. He denies any inappropriate behavior. Classmates at the university of South Carolina are mourning the death of Samantha said police say the twenty one year old senior was killed by a man. She thought was an Uber driver CBS's, David bag. No. Not only did this woman get into the wrong car. Police say she could not get out because suspect had the child lock on. Samantha Joseph was at a bar last Friday with a friends at around one thirty a m when they lost track of her within thirty six hours hunters found her body. Police say they've charged Twenty-four-year-old Nathaniel David Rowland with murder and kidnapping another horse has died at the Santa Anita racetrack in southern California. This time in a collision KCBS TV's Jeff new, and this is the twenty third death at Santa Anita since late December, the group pita says it calls on governing Newsom to urgently form an independent panel to investigate the training and veterinary practices in California racing s and p futures are up twenty Dow futures ahead two oh six this is CBS.

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