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Any any sign of that today out martellus bennett amee cat up paddock catch coming across the middle the samoa in this evening's game so it's just a lot of fishing us to this in my opinion it look quite nothing goes wrong tonight in your answer the worst injuries in an quickly this is the way you've ever jorda grocery part of of georgia talked with all the time that the the worst injuries too busy blip your wife banned for life while you're pointless for the toes up like a toy drought had surgery toe injury is is the worst moving all the way up to shores into your head yeah i mean cash here i am on i'm in my fourth year out of the nfl and and we all are nicked up at different levels and and here's the thing is people at how how do you feel how do you know you're 37 how do you feel i don't know how i'm supposed to feel at thirty seven maybe out if you a lot better you know killer next will bed mac do stay employ from the flight hope you'll find out here in the locker room computer execute twelve point four p operation optimizing algarve them fronting encryption packet alpha night i oh i don't feel so good what what is it computer is it hot in here it feels hot in here i feel a little clamming i should lie down ores something a computer with a virus surprising what's not surprising how much you can save by switching to guy cow those oysters rockefeller were a mistake geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more these he's the latter on espn radio and the espn ad this is the walk ruin the s p radio and the us pinup espn radio presented by progress within shirts now you could test drive snapshot to see how much you can say before switching to progressive visit progressive dot com slash snapshot voice you heard talking to bend back into after the game was nfl with espn nfl they shouldn't giants a portajohn iran raanan we're now joined by jordan is ben matthew coach when the giants land in newark i believe so i think i.

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