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On you. I think you could pull off any look. We got pink Whitney ties coming for you. There you go. All righty. Okay. Well, there's some idea. Anyone else got any ideas? Send me a couple tweets as to what I should wear. Now, next week is Halloween boys. So maybe I'll dress up. Maybe I'll put the Wayne sweater vests on. That's a yes. And since we're talking about do you already have costumes picked out for your kids? Do you pick them or do they pick them at this age? Ryder maybe could have the wife wifey pecks them. I got mine, I'll send you the picture. It's amazing. To me. We get to hear everyone's probably everyone's probably seen this before, but no, I'm not even gonna talk about it yet. Put it this way, there's a thing in my pocket that I still like blow the thing up the whole time I'm wearing it. So I have a costume party on Saturday night, and then I think another one I think another one Sunday before trigger treating, I don't know exactly know the weekend schedule of Halloween, but it dropped on a Sunday's gonna probably make it pretty lit in my neighborhood. My neighborhood's great for trick or treating kids running around everywhere. We buy the full candy bars 'cause I remember when I was younger I'd go to a house to give you a fucking M and ms. I said, oh my God, if I ever make it in life, I'm gonna have the big boy candy. And be the guy everyone's like, thank you, holy shit, you're full candy, not these little miniature bites. So we've done that, but then last year's COVID, but still we ran out, that's a nightmare. You run on a candy, you're a piece of shit. So we didn't get enough. So this year we bought so much problems. I've already gotten into the stache. Crushing this food. So we've got to go back to the store. I'm going to go back to maybe Costco, really load up. But I'm changing my diet. I'm going off the sauce. I got to get surgery on my elbow. Things are changing in Ryan's. Well, I'm getting back to being a legitimate human being who doesn't drink all the time who doesn't eat like a super rat and who maybe dresses a little better. So things are on the up and up. So the kids in witt's neighborhood can thanks Sid for the full candy bars. Now when you run at a candy, you just start peeling off 20s. How does it work? I go in the fridge. You want some beef stew? There's some extra, there's some chili, dude. I got frozen pizzas. You want a frozen pizza? Kids leave it with a if he's like, maybe 12, I'll give him pink Whitney, but nothing under ten gets pink Whitney. So we'll figure it out. I might give him golf balls. Yeah, I probably ones. But no, I know. I give him I give him the range ball. The Rock fights. The top rock balls. Yeah. But you play with. But more importantly for the adults who don't have kids, Halloween parties are back, and a Sunday Halloween perfect winds up for Friday parties, Saturday parties last year. There was nothing going on. It feels like it's been 6 Halloween. It hasn't been a potty. I don't know why I just like it's been forever. I wonder if there's going to be a lot of slutty biz costumes out there that you have business with you know, taking off on TNT, everything they make a slot out of everything nowadays. Based costs. I don't know. What would that be though? This is the it would be the Dennis Kevin Hayes sent over to us. Horrible salad with a small disgusting horn looking like the warm and at tequila bottle. Hold suit with a rip in it. I was really hoping that last year, I know you guys wrote the skull, but I wouldn't take the hat off. I was praying that Halloween come back in time just 'cause I actually did it in the shower if I was gonna be beetlejuice. I might have said it before in the hair would have been perfect because like Michael Keaton was bald in the head come out in a perfect level. So I'm probably never gonna grow that skull it back again. But if we could have gone a Halloween, I would have the best betel juice costume ever. Because when you can incorporate your natural self into the costume like you hear your limbs. Why didn't you do it last year? Halloween went on last year. Yeah, but it was like there was no nobody in my orbit was having parties. There was nothing, you know, going on basically where I was going to try. I was going to be like, a frequent dress is always beetlejuice. I'll do that. I ain't gonna tell you guys about that. All right. All right. I just mentioned pink, weighty, of course, the fall classic is here. Hockey and hoops are in full swing and pig skin as well. So that means head over to your local bar and make sure to order some pink Whitney. It's the perfect false shot for you and your friends. Again, hit up your local stash house. Your local buy local dive whatever you call it and get some pink Whitney from you in them. Guys and gals. I boys. Let's see. Should we talk about some hockey? We usually lead off with the positive stories, but this week, Chicago. We're going to keep it negative off the hop here. Oh, fuck yeah. Right into it. Right into the black hole. Yeah. So it's not necessarily negative because if you hate the Blackhawks, you're the happiest son of a bitch out there right. That's true. They suck. This team all right, I don't know, you have anything else to say. All 5 and one outscored 27 of 12 boot off the ice when they lost a Detroit last night. I guess there are more red winged fans in the building than Black Hawk fans, which is yikes. They have yet to have a lead, which chief said was an NHL record. They have 5 even strength goals just to assist 12 shots on golf and Jonathan tapes as biz said they don't appear to be playing with the urgency and then last night we had what appeared to be Jeremy Colton, handing the grease board to the players to let them do whatever on it. That just sketch and hand it back. This is a cluster fuck right now. I know you're revved up. You ready to go? Just got to correct one thing. I believe that they were booed off the ice, the two games prior as well. So let's make it a hat trick. Yeah for the,.

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