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Google has to spend it at least for a week the president's YouTube channel and they claim that he violated a policy and this was for inciting violence. And they say after the review and in light of the concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, they removed new uploaded content. You know what I'm enjoying is The interviews that the various news outlets who were called news outlets Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and one of the ongoing themes by Trump supporters is by removing him from YouTube and Twitter, etcetera you the accusation is that these platforms have silenced 75 million Americans. 75 million Americans are now silence and I wish to that. And this never happens. I wish the interview would go Do you have have a Twitter account? Well, yeah, so it really is 74,999,999, right? And they don't say that and, incidentally, in terms of silencing the president based on his incendiary comments, I'm assuming that freedom of speech, which is being argued by those who are very upset about YouTube, Twitter throwing Donald Trump off the platform, want to change the concept of yelling fire in a crowded theater? If you do not allow fire in a crowded theater to be yelled, you are interfering with someone's First Amendment rights. And how dare you do that? That is now the argument. That is being used. It's also that they're insulting themselves. Because because what's underneath the idea that if you take President Trump off a platform, you're silencing all of his supporters. What's underneath that, and it's his supporters who are who are saying it is that they don't have Any thoughts. But what the president tells them to think. That if he can't tweet, I don't have anything now to contribute to society in terms of talking about the issues, you know, but that's too nuanced. For the exactly you wants is not exactly the strong suit of anybody in the political realm, regardless of party. Or ideology. It Z pretty crazy, and the argument is you're free to talk. You're not free to call on thousands of people to kill legislators. Hey, I have a first Amendment right to argue that capital should be attacked and go ahead and hurt people who were on the other side. You've taken away my First Amendment rights. Fire in a crowded theater even worst, I want you to cause the fire in the crowded theater. I have a right to say that Well, it's also dumb because as you know, bill, and it's actually a lot of people know the government is not doing any of this. And so the First Amendment is not part of this discussion. All right, let's take a break. We'll come back. Jennifer. What's going on? Well as you were talking about the Daily Cove in 19 death toll is at a record high in the U. S. The Washington Post says. At least 4200 Cove in 19 related That's were reported in the US yesterday..

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