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Gone on the so uh coaching search for university tennessee has grown since greg it this morning reports out lions offense of coordinator jim bob kutre will decline an interview with his alma mater university of tennessee for that coaching position he's not interested i think it's worth pointing out as well as i just read abidjan bob kutre in two thousand nine jim cub kutre was arrested for aggravated burglary and he broke into someone's house with when to have gone to bed with the woman those living there and missiles like a mistake i think but why you're going to me i'm not he's a hotels the you know moving on uh the men's ten his side so jimbo kunar he says he's out he doesn't even want in he's out okay so he's got he's rhino xiang was gone because of of what he's right i don't honor him look we know wise gone right is loose attachment to the penn state thing depending on how you want to so in what i hear their pursuit of matt lauer is not gonna work out either nope the ceylon ross him off uh vangere jeff jeff jeff and andy i did have gone gundy's out your finger on the outcome might gundy okay report upon yahoo sports from pat forty this is fascinating says entire tennessee fan base was hyped bring my gun deon yup did you happen here in the last twenty four hours left 48 hours about in two thousand seven might gundy recruit a guy named chris collins to play for oklahoma his scholarship offer had been rescinded from schools like the university of texas y because he been arrested and charged with having sex with an underage kid a twelve year old girl he he tended this is an oklahoma state the ira each ended oklahoma state replied football.

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