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Of shooting at the Paso Robles police department building early Wednesday morning and then shooting a deputy in the face the body of a fifty eight year old man was found near an Amtrak station and lira is believed to be responsible for that man's death as well there's a call to delay the re opening at Disneyland over coronavirus concerns it's growing this comes just a day after Disney announced it's aiming to let people back in to both seem parks in mid July petition on change dot org signed by more than thirteen thousand so far once Disney's a white saying there are more cases now than there were when the parks closed in March calls for the re opening before an expected second wave for a responsible and greedy after dozens of retailers in downtown LA were looted and vandalized many businesses remain boarded up and some may not open their doors ever again but president and CEO of the downtown center business improvement district Susan Holly tells can X. some of the business closures may not have anything to do with the recent unrest definitely be businesses that don't come back but what I'm hearing is that those businesses had other issues prior to the protests and certainly prior to cope ed so what can be done to get downtown LA back on track for economic revitalization Holly says all businesses should be allowed to reopen not just retailers we are continuing to see what I think is an accelerated pace and allowing businesses to open and it is the really all the businesses need each other and and so you know we need to the office tenants to come back to support the retailers she also says an overwhelming number of downtown business owners do not blame protest for the looting they actually support the demonstrations stunning admission from a Major League Baseball team about racism in their grandstands former angel outfielder torii hunter never played for the Boston Red Sox and always put them on his list of teams he could not be traded to the reason consistent racism by fans there he told Boston station WEEI of one incident where he was in the outfield and four children were chanting the N. word at him a look at who's grown up and they're just clapping a laughter number point okay tell him to shut up that's bad a debate you stop Tory thank you thank you can't water if you fell out of a boat but that in word I don't like I'm from palm of Arkansas and I hated it when I looked at the ground up then they will they didn't do anything I mean it's not a response issue that's the issue in society and interestingly enough the red Sox I agree with them the team tweeting torii hunter's experience is real take it from us it happens Randy Gordon can extend seventy newsradio three twenty let's check your manager's Mona Rivera Mike and Karen it was the stock market's worst wipe out in three months as economic jitters took over and investors worried about.

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