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Argonne okay just the white ones oh golden fine near the black rhinoceros thriving shit exactly where the white privilege winter oh maybe that's why people how does he how it really is the white dove star going that will be funny of all the white animals start dropping dead i great white shark is gone but that black tips arcus hill here like whoa wait a minute happening fucking pattern going on fucking no okay support for this show comes from squarespace there's no more procrastinate procrastinating it's word the time has come for you to start your new business all right and it's got a standout so make a website with squarespace i can't tell you guys enough you don't have a website you don't have a business is planning simple imagine someone said you gotta check out my business and you're like what is your website and they said we don't have one it doesn't exist you get yourself a website so you can showcase your work your blog or publish content or even sell products and services of all kinds in just a few clicks and is optimized for mobile right out of the box remember what squarespace there's nothing to install a patch upgrade i do you have a question squarespace award winning twenty four seven customer support is there to help head this quest race dot com and start your free trial today and when you're ready to launch use offer code idiot to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website and domain that's questions dot com off a coat eighty the views from assists tour continues.

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