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If this is your first time listening to a podcast please get over there and bang. That's strive button. You do not want to miss all the action that is coming your way right here on First-class Fatherhood Alright Right Dad's it is time for another frogman Friday edition of first-class Fatherhood joining me. Today is former navy seal and bestselling author Tom Shea. Tom is a decorated combat veteran. He'll be here with me and just a few minutes so please stick around for the interview. I know there are many navy seal books out. There and I have read just about all of them. Toms Book Unbreakable Navy Seals way of of life stands out among them. All it is one of the few that I have read more than once. He wrote the book originally for his wife and kids just in case he died in combat which you'll hear him talk about and just a few minutes here but but it is his philosophy of self talk which he calls inner dialogue that is most intriguing. If you've ever read the book as a man by James Allen then you're gonNA love Tom's book and if you apply the the principles of watching your inner dialogue you'll be just amazed by the results and I can only speak for myself but many people have reached out to me over the last year asking me how I've been able to book so many incredible guests on my podcast and ninety nine percent of what I am doing is applying the principles not only Tom Shays book but of other great personal development thought leaders as well and I truly believe that if you can change the inner conversations in your mind you can change the outer circumstances of your world and the results for me over the last year and a half have been staggering so far in two thousand nineteen alone. I've been at the Super Bowl in front of Tom. Brady asking him questions about fatherhood. I've been in front of the president of the United States trying to ask him questions. I've also been interviewed on Fox and friends and I have spoken to so many very famous people all who have called me on my cell phone so needless to say I highly recommend picking up a copy of Tom. Shays Book. The link is in the description of today's Today's podcast episode next week. You guys are in for a real treat. I have five new episodes coming at you and each one is a banger including a multimillion dollar entrepreneur a celebrity chef a green beret in Nfl Hall of Famer and of course another navy seal follow me on Instagram for that lineup all of my upcoming guests announcements October shaping up up to be one of the biggest months that I've ever had on the podcast here so lock it in please be.

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