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Stove top unattended and it warns against using a Turkey fryer saying the oil can boil over and start a fire Nick I Nelly ABC news any for the latest traffic and weather together this early Thursday morning Turkey day and no major delays or accidents to get your way for out the ballot on the freeways your side streets looking good as well welcome his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation learn more at no fear dentist dot com free summer night we see a cloudy sky the low dropping to thirty two for your thanksgiving day cloudy with temperatures in the lower forties and for your Friday cloudy and highs in the upper forties rain likely for your Saturday all right Sean Gallagher and that your latest forecast on newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. right now all radar east clear thirty nine in the tri state Ole make sure your patient if you're headed out of town during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year yeah actually might be at your destination this thanksgiving morning because two major storms producing weather alerts from California all the way to the northeast ABC's Alex Perez reporting from Minneapolis where a snow emergency continues in Chicago damaging wind gusts above sixty miles per hour at o'hare airport pilots battling crosswinds more than five hundred flights delayed at this major hub today more than thirty five hundred across the country on this the second busiest travel day of the year in northern California a second storm system is shutting down part of interstate five four hours north of reading dozens of travelers stranded so what about the Macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons they are my favorite too will they be grounded this year the forecast calls for strong winds and the rules in place say the sixteen large character balloons can't fly if the stain winds exceed twenty three miles per hour and the gusts are stronger than thirty four miles per hour back in nineteen ninety seven the iconic cat in the hat blue got caught up in strong winds and hit a lamp post four people were injured including a woman who was in a coma for nearly a month ABC's geo Benitez let's head to Wall Street investors had something to be thankful for the clothes a third day of record highs the Dow Jim forty two points the nasdaq was fifty two and the S. and P. added thirteen for the session optimism on trade talks between the US and China as well as encouraging reports on the economy kept the market chugging higher technology stocks in companies that rely on consumer spending posted some of the biggest gains auto death was up five and a half percent under armour more than six percent dear slumped over four percent after issuing a week forecast crude oil futures fell thirty cents to close at fifty eight dollars and eleven cents a barrel need a job Amazon is planning to hire two hundred thousand people for the busy holiday shopping season that's double the number of workers that it hired a year ago this hiring spree is a sign of how quickly the online shopping giant is growing it's also hoping to speed up delivery for prime members from two days to one the markets will be closed Thursday for thanksgiving an open half a day on Friday Terry Alden or ABC news news radio seven hundred W. L. W. sports college basketball last night it was forthright cancers beating date in the Maui invitational final in overtime ninety to eighty four right state knocked off the might be red hawk seventy one sixty six hockey last night in the ECHL cycles whatever four straight beating Kalamazoo forty two NHL Philadelphia edge Columbus three to two happy thanksgiving bill Denison seven hundred WLW sports our next update will be at one thirty I'm a carpenter newsradio seven hundred W. audible make cold blackfriday your first stop give fifteen dollars hold cash for every fifty dollars spent an incredible Black Friday doorbusters stores open Thursday at five PM or shop called dot com all the Thursday plastic if that's your fifteen percent off Kohl's Black Friday don't miss it your available the number twenty eight plus the five last until one PM Friday fifty percent off of a November twenty fifth between ninety six some exclusions apply the store because the competition we just got confirmation does biggest cyber Monday ever is still on but it won't last long find massive deals on the best dell an alien where computers with Intel core processors plus free shipping hurry while supplies last call eight hundred by dell that's eight hundred by dell or visit dell dot com slash cyber Monday psychologists security guards nurses housekeepers pharmacists educators administrators physicians patient advocates quality improvement coordinators at Kaiser Permanente a the heart of the operation is in an operation at all together over two hundred thousand essential medical and non medical professionals make it possible for all of us to live and thrive what is said it didn't rain here to guide him through the night you Mercedes must meet up okay mapping the fastest route to Michigan or what's this lake real time weather info Mercedes what's the temperature on the twenty fifth twenty two degrees tops may be icy or city bins in the U. 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