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Definitely having Brady get carried off the boat looking just like this is like, you know, the first thing you ever drink in your life, and it's like, Wow, two shots and you you came and walk that it was. That was funny because you never received word like that. That was pretty funny. You know what Brady looks like. He looked like me My senior year at college when I would be leaving the bar Six hours of drinking. I gotta be like Frankenstein right now, when I walk out of here, and I need to friends to carry me out of the bar, but that's what we did see today. So, hey, Tampa Bay. I don't know about You. Would You say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are likable team think about the amount of names that they have on this team shack, Barrett Jpp. Yeah. The Antoine Winfield Junior. Gravante David. Um, you could go Vida via Mike Evans is a very likable player. You look at Gronk who doesn't love drunk is this Tampa Bay Buccaneers team to you? A likable team. I'll start you off with that. Oh, yeah, Like you, said Bruce saying, Just, you know, a fun loving, very chill guy. Somebody would want to hang out with who wasn't coaching football leading the way And, Yeah, they said a lot of those guys Nice not Other Hey, guys, for their arrogance sometimes, But you know, they're just Yeah, they're very likable group. They don't really give you a reason to hate them. I'll say that put it that way and will wonder if they're in the Super Bowl next year if everyone still on boiled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or is it screw these guys? That's another thing that I thought about what the Kansas City Chiefs Last year. The chief's very likable team Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelsey, I won't say Tyree Killers a likable person, just like I won't say Antonio Brown is a likable person. Um, you could keep on going on and on defensively when you look at the honey Badger the honey Badger is someone that I do enjoy. Uh, Anthony Hitchens is someone I like even though he's not a marquee name. Spagnola is the guy that's easy to root for Andy Reid, who doesn't love Andy Reid. So you go through the Chiefs and you think about them if they would have one on Sunday. Would people then start to get tired of the Kansas City Chiefs. And and that's just something that I have to bring up and ask. Would you have if Kansas City went back to back? Do you think people would start to say Okay enough of the Kansas City Chiefs 100%. You saw first time with your Patriots. They people hate them because they win have many unlikable players individually, but they win. They went a lot. People hate that. Did you hate Golden State? I never hated Golden State. No. You know once you someone else when I never that we're tired of Golden State when it was golden State calves for the 700 Times, 100%. That's our society, But you build people up and then when they get to the top, you want to tear him down. So I look at Kansas City of Kansas City would have one on Sunday. I don't think the hatred for Kansas City would have been there yet. I think it would have taken getting to the Super Bowl again with going back to back because we haven't seen a team go back to back since the 2000 and four regular season I think you may have some people that would have been all right enough of them. They just won back to back. I still think they're in the premature stages, though, haven't won one ring and then get him back if you would have won two than after two If you get back to a third one, and if you win a third one, and let's say the next year or two. That's what I think they do become Ah, little bit of villains, but in this case, they don't have to worry about that because they lost the game on Sunday and for Tampa. There's always gonna be people that hate Tom Brady. And I could tell you that and you guys don't like the biggest time Brady fan in the world. I can't change anything at this point to make you like Tom Brady or continued. Tonto dislike him. If you're going to just continue to dislike, and there's nothing that I could do. I'm not saying that yet the love them, But I do believe that even if you don't love them, you have to appreciate his greatness him being at the age of 43 getting to a game for the 10th time and winning this game for the seventh time. And if you have to knock Tom Brady for something, anything that I hear now, the excuses air just so pathetic. So I guess I'm not the right person to ask this question, too. So I'm going to ask it to you Trace because I think it's safe to say Not that you're a Tom Brady hater. I'm not calling you Tom Brady hater. But you had a reason. A natural reason to dislike Tom Brady because of the Patriot cults rivalry for all those years. You're not as if you're just someone that from afar just goes. I'm just gonna hate this guy because he wins. You had an actual reason because of a rivalry between two of the all time greats. Two guys. That we're going back and forth and at the time I don't know if we knew in 2000 and one and like 2000 and 34. I know it's give 2002. But you get the point. Um, I don't know if we realized in the moment that these were two of the greatest quarterbacks toe ever do so You ever play the game and legacies were clearly evolving. We knew historically what Peyton Manning was at that time, but he had did have that one void in his resume..

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