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The numbers are out there. So what do you have them winning by thirty? I had them went now. I don't have the win by thirty. They'll be. It could happen with the way that TCU played against Texas Tech particular number forty, eight to twenty four MS one, eight, twenty four. The double a mop of Homa. Certainly this game number one. Coming off a bye of the Ruffin McNeill defensive era for the Sooners insurance hit facing a TCU offense that has been so bad. They really, I'm and also very turnover prone. They're very turnover path and mostly stymied by Texas Tech. Listen, I like Texas Tech, but let's not pretend that TCU should be held to fourteen points against the red raiders year because it was jet Duffy, Texas Tech. That's right. Jet Duffy Texas Tech, which is a different incarnation. I understand. Yeah, but still tech is ninety fifth in the nation according to the SNP in terms of defense, this is not a TCU offense that should be held. Down to the tuna. Fourteen points first game without Mike stoops's. You said players play hard for Ruffin McNeill that's been his MO. They play hard for him. Now he's running the defense. I think it has an immediate impact. I think the BI week helps Oklahoma recalibrate things. So I'm thinking double factor of six to the tune of forty eight, twenty four even though the games on the road. Yeah, I think you hit a lot of the good points. TCU's just been playing sloppy. Sean Robinson, I think, has thrown eight or nine picks all ready this season about a pick a game. They're not forcing turnovers not giving themselves short fields, not that turnovers are sort of an explicit thing. There's a randomness to the way fumbles bounds for the way tip balls move through the air. But TCU is just they're sloppy. There's there's no better way to say that offensively they're a step behind. They're not rushing terribly consistently. They get stuff at the line, a good amount, and one of the big things with Oklahoma as you saw sooner fans reacting during the Texas game, is there DB's their defense, particularly struggled with those huge athletic monstrous Texas receivers will Jordan Humphrey. And Colin Johnson just went up in over DC doesn't have those dudes. You look at the the listings of, you know, some talented receivers, Jalen Reagan who volunteer terp whenever you're talking five, ten, five, eleven five, nine. So I don't think if. It is a specific weakness of Oklahoma's defense. I don't think TCU is that team game is in Fort Worth. So presumably the frogs will be better at home than they were in Lubbock. But I have this as thirty three to twenty Oklahoma. I don't have an as high-scoring zoo, but we agree Oklahoma covers. Three thirty ESPN NC state. We aren't NC state podcast now. Yeah. As we just mentioned at Clemson, the line here sixteen and a half. This is an awful lot of points for big game. Dan, it is, and NC state has quietly been very good this season. My issue is that they haven't played anyone near the caliber of Clemson, and I think that's what bothers me the most here I with you in terms of the the opponent level, and even when they played b..

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