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We're looking at is there learning gains that's the that's the only thing that really matters who learns more the kids who interacted with the version that builds report or the kids who interacted with the other version that doesn't build our wish you great lock great success and good luck with your work thank you so much just casella associate dean in the school of computer science and former director of the human computer interaction institute at carnegie mellon university here in pittsburgh thank you for taking after the break they look at building robots that we can trust an empathize with and we're art and psychology fit i'm i replayed oh and this is science friday from wnyc studios this science righty podcast is brought to you by goldman sachs for insights from leading thinkers on the state of the markets industries and the global economy listen to their podcasts exchanges at goldman sachs you'll hear discussions on a variety of topics with far reaching implications from how venture capital is fueling innovation to the global shift toward renewable energy to the economic impacts of president trump's legislative agenda and more that's exchanges at goldman sachs available on i tuned spotify stitcher soundcloud and google play and g s dot com slash podcast science friday is supported by wonder capital the easiest way to invest in in large scale solar energy projects across the us experts at bloomberg estimate that two point eight trillion dollars will be invested in solar energy by twenty forty with wonder capital solar investment platform individuals can now take advantage of this economic opportunity in fact people like you have already financed more than one hundred fifty largescale solar projects these solar energy projects create enough electricity to power the equivalent of four thousand homes which helps offset almost seventy five million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year visit wonder capital dot com slash science to find out how you can begin investing in solar energy projects while earning up to seven point five percent annually and helping in the fight against climate change again that's wonder capital dot com slash science wonder capital where impact investing meets capitalism.

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