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I don't have a live apart from tuckey is a lot. Can you watch my flying two year old. It's like having a child. Beautiful intuitive and always curious. These birds like flying toddlers or monkeys. They'll get into everything to wonder if like classical music. Cup of symphonies or something would suv the boisterous bird. I mean it works to my dogs. If it works adults it too can. And a golden. Retriever named finley is broken. The world record holding the most tennis balls in his mouth and now as an inch nicholas Correctly and adorable. Golden retriever has written into history books. I smashed the world record holding the most amount of tennis balls the seven year. Old pooch named fendi can fit a whopping six tennis balls. His mouth at once fini's impressive feat mazey's beaten the previous record of five. We stood for seven years. Also by golden retriever finley's recordbreaking achievement has been officially documented guinness book of world records. The two thousand twenty two edition of the browns annual book. When i look at him. I want to squeeze you and love you so much. Squeeze it poor dog with in six tennis bowls in his mouth. I mean i'm thinking that retrieve would be the best bowl boy. although getting the bulls back could be an issue during his mouth. I'm wondering if there's a world record for slobber too. I wanted to talk a little bit about the ball movie. No spoilers at least. I hope not no sort of inference either. So when winston was one of the lucky early viewers are the new bond movie on wednesday and. This is the first time. I've been in a movie theater for probably eighteen months so you know if i'm going to see any movie after eighteen months the new james bond movie is definitely the one i mean. Everybody is packed in the. You know what. I want to see the bomb move in its entirety. Why high you littler chins standing up. I mean these kids came in huge bulky hoodies on and they stood up during the gumbo sequence at the beginning. So i missed daniel. Craig and the gumbo secrets at the beginning. Can you please sit down. I want to see its entirety..

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