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Almost being that. I eat donuts to give power to even tries in this challenge to us doughnuts to her attack. Dogs listed. i. There's a line which we laughing you laugh at you and i just don't want you to cross that that's all i have to say about. That seems like a lovely person Like how can you like fellow using the donuts is like such innovation right. Like nobody else was like. Let me actually use something. I have at my disposal. You don't see monkey woman throwing bananas. Those dogs like third. It's absurd but also inherently everything that's happening is absurd. I found shows up to a great shot of her like in the dishes. Where she's got on. And i was like i hope. I want my superhero. Where's the person. I would support in my life. Whereas but that momma is horrible like reality tv tropes like all right. Let's make one of a person who is overweight and then she's incredible. That mama is the runner up of this season. Look like hoods. Some respect honor. Her name like scally tweets like michelle fitzgerald would not be the first person eliminated from the challenge with that mom. Not the first person eliminated from who wants to be a superhero. Here we go. I'm fully her biggest fan at this point. Did did fat momma come into this show and say hey that is my superior ordered fat momma up apply for this show and they said okay. You are going to be playing fat mama. No mama de that came with this okay auditioned. She had a jingle g. Spider man spider where she likes that mama fat mama. I'm here to save time. I'll take your food away with a song. That's branding so that mama is the runner up but she earns that spot as runner up because a lot of them didn't need them flesh out their powers i mean. She grows a five times normal size when angry. So she goes from fat momma to fatima and then eating a donut activates powers. She came in with a brand new team headed off. So as much as i think she should probably lay off some of the Tropes of being fat mother. Maybe you know there's a little bit just come out with that just a tad. But i do appreciate her doozy adam and i'm glad that she made it far in. I will say this. That mama was robbed. Correct also is on twitter jazz. The real fat momma adds twenty ten. But she's there. We're going to change that. You know on the rtp rewind. That is what we do. We dmz to pass the reality tv contestants. Easy anybody response to this day. No one has responded. I will deploy the dmz fat..

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