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Dana lash on Facebook. I this is why I think I have followed me to media bias like I said for years, and it's this is not a new thing. I mean, I was the original editor I added over at Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart, rain, big journalism that vertical before he passed. And I followed this for such a long time. And it's why it is one of the biggest pet peeves. I have and I'm tired of letting these people go, and I'm tired of them getting aggravated and acting like you're the you're the one who's out of line by telling them that they better do their jobs better. This is look they're doing look what they're doing to these kids. You think that this would never happen to you? This is the point I'm trying to drive home because it will we are in a new era it's kicking into some headlines. And now all of the news, you would probably miss it's time for data's quick. Oh my gosh. I there's so much. I can't even. So I this story's made me so sick and so- outrage. Additionally, there's only two stories that are doing right now this this nurse. Thirty six years old was arrested for your remember the story that we shared of the woman who was in a vegetative state. And then suddenly she had a baby, and she has been in this nursing home for another nursing home. But it's like a home for people who are medically fragile, right? The hacienda healthcare facility. So thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland was arrested because his DNA match the child's he was placed on a five hundred thousand Vaughn, the twenty nine year old victim gave birth on December twenty ninth. She had been raped at the facility she had been in a vegetative state at the hospital. Nearly drowned in nineteen Ninety-two they said the baby is doing well now police are investigating whether other residents have been similarly abused and his mugshot. He is a disgusting. Looking peo- s he is nasty nasty nasty. I think they need to kill him death penalty. And they and I keep I get aggravated because the Daily Mail keeps going, oh, he's a devout Christian. No, he's not death penalty. This is why the death penalty was made. And we'd better start increasing the deterrent for these people because they thrive on us not doing. So they want the indulgence of your understanding. They want a Massachusetts Dr removed a kidney from the wrong patient after mistakenly reading DC T scan of a number man with the same name taken on this same day. Yeah. Dr Angkor Parikh was reprimanded. He admitted the error. I love other like error kind of cereal healthy kidney from Albert Hubbard in two thousand sixteen. Mr. Hubbard Shad was shattered after he told he had less than five years to live the dad of threes. Actual C T scans showed his kidney findings were normal. He the doctor said, well, there's been a real bad mistake the patient with the disease kidney is said to be in remission. So now the healthy guy. Yeah. This is absolutely unbelievable. He was a he'd been of a like a long distance runner and all kinds of stuff. And so then others lawsuits that are pending. Yeah. That's not an error Yemen. You wreck that guy's life. I draw fan threats to cello viola off offer train because he does I don't even understand. Why classic FM has the story of this music ater. I guess I don't know what his problem is these passengers had to watch their stuff. Get the story regional express and Germany last week this drug man decided to throw all of these instruments. They had like fifteen thousand dollars worth of damage to to these instruments. This is just crazy and Venezuela opposition leader declares himself. President the US probably recognizes him as interim president and Madero cuts ties with the United States after Trump does. So we're going to have more on this coming up. Additionally, BuzzFeed cuts fifteen percent of its workforce. You know, why? Because fake news don't sell stay with us. It makes me proud that. My.

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