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798 against of the more than 3000 votes cast 76 were avoided and more than 500 contested by either Amazon or the retail, Wholesale and department store union, which led the organizing effort. However, the NLRB E says the contested votes are not enough to sway the outcome. The union says it intends to file an objection with the NLRB. Charging the company with illegally interfering with the vote. I'm Ben Thomas Republican Party, bringing hundreds of donors in several presidential prospects to former President Donald Trump's doorstep this weekend in Florida. Mr Trump himself will headline the retreat. Also a town hall dot com. Despite a positive atmosphere, little progress and the Vienna based Iran nuclear talks decent talks aimed at bringing the US back. Into the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran have broken without any immediate signs of progress on the thorny issues dividing Washington and Tehran, But delegates talk of a constructive atmosphere and resolved to continue the discussions. To working groups that would be meeting in Vienna since Tuesday to brainstorm ways to secure the lifting off American sanctions on Iran's return to compliance with the deal reported their initial progress to a joint commission of diplomats from the world powers that remain in the deal. I'm Charles Dillon Asthma, more unrest in Northern Ireland gangs battling police in Belfast to hit back with water cannons. Latest violence, erupting him intentions over the post Brexit trade rules and worsening relations between the Protestant Catholic power sharing government. Or of these stories, a town hall dot com Pounds and pounds of for our hair balls have.

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