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I promise you, a three pack of NFL picks last hour, and I kind of forgot I just realized I never gave you my pet. Shame on me to you quickly here. Couple of dogs and an overrun Dr. And there even spread out a little time wise tomorrow wanna. A Clack down in south beach dolphins hosting the bills the dolphins opened up as eight six and a half point choice. The line had shrunk to four. Buffalo's impressed me the last couple of weeks they played better. They've got their rookie quarterback back. Dow could have stayed in the playoff mix and they're not out yet. But it's becoming more difficult for them with the loss last week to the colts. I think that might take a little wind out of their sails eyeing the bills can win this game. I didn't even go down to Miami and witness what ballgame some surely gonna take four points. Give me the bills plus four in Miami. My over under game is early on in the day to playoff teams matching up this the Los Angeles chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. We know Pittsburgh went out to Denver and got beat last week. They're still the team to beat in that division. Yes. Ben Rothlisberger to a couple of ill advised picks in the game last week. It's what Ben does. He does make some spectacular blaze. I think they'll do some more of the same again tomorrow. The charges in the Steelers a two of the better defenses in the NFC and the AFC excuse me, and by the way, no Melvin Gordon tomorrow for the charges, so the immortal Austin cler will be getting most the carries for the charges the mouth, and I bet you in double A comes in here at as air with the fantasy show after I'm done. He'll be telling you if wants an acquis still darn away wire. Yeah. You got to pick them up. He's got get the Gordon is out for San Diego. I think it's a defensive battle. I was tempted to take Pittsburgh, it's three and a half the half points scares me. I don't think it's going to be a high scoring game. I think it's got twenty two seventeen written all over it any under over is fifty two. I can't believe it's that big. This game is going to be played in the low twenties at the best maybe even less than that. So take the under in charges, Pittsburgh at fifty two and my third pick. I'm going to push all the weight on Monday night. Eagle fans aren't going to be happy with me. They are still in the mix in the NFC east. Excuse me, the eagle vans thought they were going to be tied for her place after they beat the Redskins on Monday night because Dallas was supposed to lose to New Orleans on Thursday night. Oops Cowboys with the upset win over New Orleans and shut that offense down. Cowboys defense is for real. So the Cowboys the team to beat now in that division. The eagles have to stay in touch. So they should beat the Redskins at home. I made the mistake of backing Colt McCoy last week on thanksgiving any do a bunch of packs and wasn't very good. But I still like the Redskin defense and get after the quarterback a little bed and eagle offensive line has not been as good this year was last year when a win in the Super Bowl eagles will probably find a way to win this game. 'cause they're pretty good. Their defense is good at home. Their offense isn't as good at home. They're supposed to get Darren sproles back this week. I don't know if that's a plus or minus sprawls was thought to be when he came back after being injured, basically all last year, a nice little change of pace back first game of the season and got more courage than anybody else. They were ready to lean on them and make them their feature back and I feared they will attempt to do that this week when he returned for the first time since we could season. Josh Adams and pretty damn good last week the undrafted kid from Notre Dame. So I don't think there's a high scoring game either. I think you'll probably find a way to win Redskins getting six and a half skins defense is still pretty good. They know they saw what Dallas did on Thursday night. They're looking to retie with Dallas in the division by getting a win. Don't have to get the win. But I think they'll play close take the Redskins plus six and a half on Monday nights quake three picks chargers and Steelers under fifty two buffalo plus four at Miami Redskins plus six and a half on Monday night against the eagles. I does my pets are comeback a rapid fire to the phones. Gary Eric Carmen, Vince, hanging there, I get I promise and we'll also find a MAC. Daddy tweeted today before we get out of dodge. But at the battery our gotta get you caught up on everything going on in sports with the latest CBS sports. Update with these e. Sports flash. All right. Joni championship.

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