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At eight PM in the Wisconsin union theater believe it is, and it's another college show should be pretty fun. That's my sisters alma mater. So I have kind of a connection with it, I guess. And Dan, just get your state capitol dome jokes ready because you know what it means. Madison has the largest state capitol dome in the whole country. We're gonna probably make some hay out of that. Face Madison with your, what are you? What are you trying to compensate for that giant dome? Wait, I'm holding Dan back. Dan, don't let them have it, save it. So that'll be fine and come out to see us in January. If you're in the Wisconsin Madison area, that's crazy midwest shows. That's not. We're going to be, it's it's called our flyover tour. Yeah, of two days. I think assuming that we could two months apart, I hate to make this promise now but assuming that we can sell merch, we'll have the last bit of our twenty eighteen tour merch available at those two shows. Great. That sounds great to me guys. Those are live shows, but I have something else that's coming up even right before those live shows. Why tell the people about. Look, I have a book coming out. That's true. And I'll tell you what it's all about. Horses. They pull our wagons, carry our Cowboys and eat our, hey, but are they really just very big dogs? Dogs? They protect our homes, chase our cats and keep our faces moist. But is it possible? They're just tiny baby, horses. Find out in horse meets dog. The new book by writer, Elliott Ceylan illustrator, Tim Miller horse meets dog, which side will you be on of able October? Thirtieth wherever you buy your books. So that's a picture book that I wrote and it was ill by the great Tim Miller who's best known. I think for the snap see the alligator books and that's available over thirtieth this year. So go wherever you wanna buy books at your local independent bookstore, whatever. Where would it what section of the burns and noble booksellers? What I find it in the children's book section. Okay. Children's picture book. Not a not the other picture books actions not in the adult picture book section, which I guess is just that go the fuck to sleep book and like dirty parodies of children's books. Where the wild things, fart, stuff like that. And the very horny Caterpillar. Yeah, it's not in self help slash sexuality. In religious studies. It's not in that either. Neither is it in home improvement. Or the show him or the show homeroom it. Neither is it in fiction and literature in your life, which is which Barnes Novo, this call them all one or the other. But yeah, horse meets dog October. Thirtieth. My first picture book very excited about it. All right. Oh man, that was so many plugs just let atop aging man's head up. Dan. We went to the same place, but in different ways. You took the high road. I took the row low road and I got to Scotland before he. This first letter that we're going to respond to is from Brian last name withheld Brian Cox who right. Dear purpose away..

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