Harry Reid, John Bainer, Chuck Todd discussed on NBC Meet the Press


Welcome back to a special edition of meet the press. I'm Chuck Todd now to a conversation with a colleague of mine, you know, him as the man at the big board. NBC news national political correspondent Steve Kornacki, I wanna pivot here a little bit too impeachment. I was out in Vegas. Harry Reid this Harry Reid and John Boehner are doing their, hey, we got John bainer to be his cO cheer for. It's fascinating to guys that I never thought really got along. Yeah. When they were in congress. They swear to me they did better than you realize that they politics. The public politics kept things away. What was interesting was sort of a whole bunch of people from Harry Reid's past were there. Whether it was a to Obama chiefs of staff were there. Dennis McDonough and Rahm Emanuel. There was a Frank Farren compass Grogan sort of old time Republicans you'd bainer in. So there was a lot of talk and a lot of chatter about impeachment and a lot of chatter about the politics of impeachment. And I reminded I told people that after Sunday after the show I got an Email from Tom data's Tom. Davis Republic, former Republican congressman who you you. And I both like the guy because he's such a junkie. The way he likes counties, the guy can tell you county results of presidential elections that go back to the fifties. And he sent me a note to remind me says, yes, the politics of impeachment were not good for the Republican party in nineteen ninety eight. He says, but I promise you, George W Bush is elected president without it. And I mentioned this to a bunch of these. And I I don't I don't wanna say who said what to me I throw out some names, and I mentioned this and one of the people jumped on and said, you know, there's a lot of truth to that the long-term messaging that the Republicans gained on the Clinton brand in general and on character paid dividends throughout the first decade of the twenty th century. And it's something Democrats to think about what do you make that? So my take on it is. And let's let's plug your book, man..

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