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Ways. It could just be capable guy or it could be. Maybe even an asset played. Try to try to find an undervalued player in the market. Give them a little bit more money. Whether it's for a single ear were some sort of team friendly thing after that and you try to turn that into maybe it's a middling second round pick but at least you get something for it and you get that player helping your team as well and as you talked about with lottery formed that's not as big of a deal and they have plenty of holes that could have been filled by and they're there and also one thing that i didn't downgrade the hornets. It's for was that they some teams in this situation would use the opportunity of up pretty clearly being bad to trade some of their veterans under contract but i didn't downgrade the hornets for not not doing that because i would. I would argue that maybe other than marvin williams and even he is a judgement call depending on your team situation of their guys are negative value contracts. You know like zeller's not and they're not necessarily terrible. It's just that it's hard. It's harder to move as they weren't gonna move. Nick tomb marvin would have been tough cody's our m. k. g. who picked up his option which means obviously he thought it was negative value because he picked it up and that's how it works for player options so same with marvin so i i think that it would it would have been great if those guys were better values but if those guys were better interviews that it'll be a different story in other thing you can say too is that they could have had about fifty five million in space next year without rosier. Now it's about thirty five million and you know again. There is not a great free agent market next year not a fridge destination but they could have done something with that space presumably and now they've got terrier zero there instead and i mean there's another way to put this here for the devices. There wasn't a single thing they did the that i like that's not good <hes> and they have have set up a team now that project to not have a single player in the top twenty at his. That's pretty <unk> <hes> so they're gonna what was your your grade. I ended up with a d. Minus reiterate reiterate. I ended up with an f. plus and the only reason it's a d. Minus was like yeah. I didn't like a single thing that they did but i didn't think anything. They just killed them. <hes> let's go to the bulls here. <hes> kobe white number seven overall pick in the draft thaddeus young three years ll over forty million final year completely non-guaranteed thomas renske three years thirty million final no year five million guaranteed also picked up luc cornet and daniel gifford. The latter in the draft gives the number thirty overall pick. They brought back ryan archdeacon. Oh that deal was archie was three years nine million third year team option. I had that in my head and i was going to double check but glad you did and said <hes> in check. Harrison harrison returned on a largely non-guaranteed deal. <hes> and cetera deal was by a sign and trade and they'd give up a couple of decent looking second to do that. Where do we're gonna start with these guys all. I think i'll start with. I think i'll start with my grade which is a minus and it came out of nowhere. I had i did not have high hopes for the for the bulls offseason really at any juncture and they did a really good job really i. It's it's unusual for team especially team that i have issues with their front office for me to generally like every moved they did not. I didn't love every one you know. I'm not the biggest fan and a cornets fine but i like their draft. You know cody white talented point guard happy be the happy they took somebody at the position because they needed another option there and his potential fit fit things are intriguing and you know especially considering who was on the board..

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