President Trump, Putin, Stephen Hayes discussed on John Gibson


The hook as sorry for bothering everyone for a couple of years or he's going to have to indict trump and the people around him on different things like the trump organization taxes lying to investigators things like that if he does that i feel like the american people are going to say really that's that's what we've been waiting two years to do that there was never any collusion and you're going to get these guys on all these little things so in that case i think things are going to end up well for us adam thank you for the call here's my number eight three three eight five two four eight six six do you think we need to have the the president go after putin or even as stephen hayes says okay stephen hayes is a little bit less than these guys over at red state who want trump to personally aku's accused putin of poisoning someone listening to steve hayes i mean i think this requires a presidential level statement the administration has does far tried not to get ahead of where the brits were on this they wanted our statements to match the brit statements as the brits got more aggressive the trump administration has gotten more aggressive but there's nothing that takes the place over presidential statement well there was a very strong statement by theresa may it was very strongly backed up by the united states do you think we need a presidential level statement we may be getting one soon but do you think that is something that is needed we all know that when donald trump is unhappy about something he's very clear about who is unhappy with and why he's unhappy we could see him i would say be tough on this and also added in a statement about continued russia cyber activities against the.

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