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The right thing to do absolutely because they have a delay crime bitch a hezbollah lebanon through syria more control that ever before it of course iran through iraq which they never had good relations with iraq until we allowed our influence to wane in iran to fill the gap and but soon one sooner or later i believe the iraqis will realize their national pride has nothing to do with the iranian interests and they'll began to assert themselves perhaps but the kurdish were asked to delay the referendum but in the end i understand the the kurds actually have dc relationship with iran as well as iraq so they cut a straddle both hemispheres correct yup look on their occurred you know your kurdish population throughout the area late and they're they're pretty they're smart people um they understand that they live in their neighborhood m they will figure out a way to do it it would just be a real tragedy if we were to really betrayed them and it wouldn't be the first time in monterey history live the kurds were betrayed by the way um and and in and mcconnell of the shah again you at kinda backed away from effort due to create their kurdish independent it's time for us to do the right thing here i would do the right thing but but for people who had been doing the right thing for us biting him bleeding but a cost of we think is important who do you give give the administration agrees with you jonathan or even in the state department in this era of trump agrees with you on this in sees the benefits i think there are forces it could play the white house you know the west wing palace politic you know i i think that the thin shift all the time and i think right now um certainly i know if agreed river the national security adviser general mcmaster in a very much goes along with a third of traditional eight department view of of the region much to go along with the dictator and kurd i know there are people within the white house we want to be out it adds such dome of them all agreed with it are gone but the point.

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