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Doesn't sound like <Speech_Male> my cup <SpeakerChange> of tea. <Speech_Male> But would you think <Speech_Telephony_Male> oh. This is a very <Speech_Telephony_Male> good film. it comes <Speech_Telephony_Male> from Dallas <Speech_Telephony_Male> born roger <Speech_Telephony_Male> directory <Speech_Telephony_Male> director david lowery <Speech_Telephony_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> Who gravitates <Speech_Telephony_Male> between big <Speech_Telephony_Male> budget. disney films. <Speech_Telephony_Male> like pete's dragon. <Speech_Telephony_Male> He's also <Speech_Telephony_Male> doing a remake <Speech_Telephony_Male> of peter pan now <Speech_Telephony_Male> but smaller <Speech_Telephony_Male> art films <Speech_Telephony_Male> like a ghost story <Speech_Telephony_Male> And <Speech_Telephony_Male> this is sort <Speech_Telephony_Male> of a mingling of the <Speech_Telephony_Male> two. It's an epic <Speech_Telephony_Male> based on this medieval <Speech_Telephony_Male> english poem <Speech_Telephony_Male> about gallon <Speech_Telephony_Male> and <Speech_Telephony_Male> The green knight who's <Speech_Telephony_Male> head. He's locked <Speech_Telephony_Male> off <Speech_Telephony_Male> But nonetheless <Speech_Telephony_Male> it adds <Speech_Telephony_Male> episodes <Speech_Telephony_Male> to that <Speech_Telephony_Male> From other medieval <Speech_Telephony_Male> sources <Speech_Telephony_Male> At it <Speech_Telephony_Male> makes for an epic <Speech_Telephony_Male> more in the mood <Speech_Telephony_Male> of ingmar <Speech_Telephony_Male> bergman <hes> <Speech_Telephony_Male> than hollywood <Speech_Telephony_Male> knights of <Speech_Telephony_Male> the round table kinds <Speech_Telephony_Male> of film. It's <Speech_Telephony_Male> visually <Speech_Telephony_Male> very striking <Speech_Telephony_Male> film <Speech_Telephony_Male> Sometimes <Speech_Telephony_Male> it gets a little murky. <Speech_Telephony_Male> And you've got to <Speech_Telephony_Male> be willing to go along <Speech_Telephony_Male> with the <Speech_Telephony_Male> mood. That the <Speech_Telephony_Male> film establishes <Speech_Telephony_Male> which is very <Speech_Telephony_Male> slow <Speech_Telephony_Male> and deliberate <Speech_Telephony_Male> and opaque. <Speech_Telephony_Male> But if you're willing <Speech_Telephony_Male> to do this <Speech_Telephony_Male> do that. This <Speech_Telephony_Male> is a very <Speech_Telephony_Male> Striking <Speech_Telephony_Male> and challenging <Speech_Telephony_Male> film. And <Speech_Telephony_Male> i recommend it <Speech_Telephony_Male> <hes> highly <Speech_Telephony_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> As a matter of fact you <Speech_Telephony_Male> might wanna see it. More than <Speech_Telephony_Male> once <Speech_Telephony_Male> It's available only <Speech_Telephony_Male> in theaters. <SpeakerChange> But <Speech_Telephony_Male> it's worth a trip <Speech_Male> never heard <Speech_Male> you say. Watch something <Speech_Male> more than once. <Speech_Male> That's interesting that was <Speech_Male> The green <Speech_Male> night. Let's go to <Speech_Male> another retelling of <Speech_Male> sorts <Speech_Male> More of a modern take <Speech_Male> on a familiar story <Speech_Male> of oliver <Speech_Male> twist. <SpeakerChange> It simply <Speech_Male> called twist <Speech_Male> if singing <Speech_Male> dancing and happy <Speech_Male> endings. Your thing <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and you're watching <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> the wrong version of this story. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> People are <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> really kumi oliver anymore. <Music> <Music> Call me <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> the higher <Speech_Music_Male> power. Put my <SpeakerChange> luck. <Speech_Music_Male> More people can see <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> you in that do notice <Speech_Music_Female> columbus <Speech_Music_Male> was <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> again all <Speech_Male> right. So does the <Speech_Male> modern take work. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> No afraid not. <Speech_Telephony_Male> It does have michael <Speech_Telephony_Male> caine at it as <Speech_Telephony_Male> the fagin character. <Speech_Telephony_Male> And he's always <Speech_Telephony_Male> worth watching even <Speech_Telephony_Male> when these <Speech_Telephony_Male> in a role like <Speech_Telephony_Male> this which is basically <Speech_Telephony_Male> a checkbook <Speech_Telephony_Male> role. He needed money <Speech_Telephony_Male> and so he did it <Speech_Telephony_Male> <hes> <Speech_Telephony_Male> but the main character <Speech_Telephony_Male> is oliver. <Speech_Telephony_Male> Twist of course who <Speech_Telephony_Male> is played <Speech_Telephony_Male> by jude law's <Speech_Telephony_Male> on wrath <Speech_Telephony_Male> law. And <Speech_Telephony_Male> here he is <Speech_Telephony_Male> a homeless <Speech_Telephony_Male> london <Speech_Telephony_Male> graffiti artist. <Speech_Telephony_Male> Who's also an <Speech_Telephony_Male> expert in park <Speech_Telephony_Male> or you know jumping <Speech_Telephony_Male> on walls <Speech_Telephony_Male> and stuff to <Speech_Telephony_Male> get away from policemen <Speech_Telephony_Male> and he <Speech_Telephony_Male> becomes involved <Speech_Telephony_Male> in heist <Speech_Telephony_Male> <hes> of <Speech_Telephony_Male> an artwork. An <Speech_Telephony_Male> art gallery. That <Speech_Telephony_Male> fagin has prepared <Speech_Telephony_Male> for reasons that <Speech_Telephony_Male> the film laboriously <Speech_Telephony_Male> explains <Speech_Telephony_Male> it also <Speech_Telephony_Male> has a female version <Speech_Telephony_Male> of sykes <Speech_Telephony_Male> villain <Speech_Telephony_Male> played by lena <Speech_Telephony_Male> haiti as though she <Speech_Telephony_Male> were chewing up. Every <Speech_Telephony_Male> bit of scenery in london <Speech_Telephony_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> This film just goes <Speech_Telephony_Male> on forever <Speech_Telephony_Male> It's very <Speech_Telephony_Male> intricate. But <Speech_Telephony_Male> not at all surprising <Speech_Telephony_Male> or interesting. <Speech_Telephony_Male> And <Speech_Telephony_Male> i can't recommend it <Speech_Telephony_Male> at all but this is one <Speech_Telephony_Male> of the few movies <Speech_Telephony_Male> you can find on video <Speech_Telephony_Male> on demand this week <Speech_Telephony_Male> so you might want <Speech_Telephony_Male> to take a look at it <Speech_Female> all right. That one's called <Speech_Male> twist sounds like the best <Speech_Male> movie of the <SpeakerChange> week is the <Speech_Male> green knight. <Speech_Telephony_Male> Oh absolutely <Speech_Telephony_Male> But <Speech_Telephony_Male> the green knight <Speech_Telephony_Male> is not a movie for <Speech_Telephony_Male> everyone. Be aware <Speech_Telephony_Male> of that. It's an art <Speech_Telephony_Male> film <Speech_Telephony_Male> And so <SpeakerChange> you've got to be <Speech_Telephony_Male> ready for that sort of <Speech_Telephony_Male> thing. All right frank sweet techy can find his work. At one guy's opinion dot com.

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