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Some parts of the area are more segregated than they were nearly fifty years ago. KCBS Megan goals, tells us that's pretty much the takeaway from a new interactive mapping tool, put together by UC Berkeley. Researchers. You can use a slide tool to investigate the degree of sacred Gatien in different areas across time. And when you do says Stephen Menendez and director of research at the Haas institute for a fair and inclusive society at UC Berkeley. You'll find that. I'm Barry counties are more segregated today than they were in nineteen seventy and nineteen eighty two that art Alameda, and San Francisco, the worst spot, they found for segregating are the cities in northern Santa Clara county. So why is this happening difficult question to answer part of the reason for the changes in the levels of segregation overall is because the population has changed in the bay area but population change and demographic changes specially since nineteen. Sixty five is not going to necessarily make more integrated area. So Oakland is a great example, one of the most diverse cities in the country, it's still has high levels of segregation as people move into neighborhoods where they look like their neighbors. The big problem here says menendez- whatever issue you care about unlikely we will solve any one of those problems in an extremely segregated society because racial segregation is and has always been the root cause of racial inequality gold speak. KCBS pleasant hill. Police are investigating a shooting that didn't hurt anybody. But did cause quite a commotion at a hotel early this morning? The shooting was reported at one AM at the residence in on elm. Ellen would way numerous calls of shots fired came in and police found almost fifty shell casings on the ground at least one room had been fired run round rather had been fired into an occupied room. Several cars also were struck police say that a party was taking place inside at least one room of the hotel. At the time the shots were fired. And when officers arrived, the party goers appear to be leaving the area. No suspects have been identified and anybody with information is asked to call pleasant hill. Police we've got sports coming up with Caroline burns. And just a couple of shakes, and she'll hopefully, answer the question have the warriors made the adjustments. They need for NBA finals game, number two, KCBS news time nine twelve. Sponsored by star one credit union. Get totally free. Checking go to star one dot org. Drumming thumping.

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