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I used to do when we used to have a lot of delays and a lot of crashes. Did I do the crashes? Or did I do that Delays? I certainly didn't waste time talking about it. Did I? Let's talk start with delays. South on 100, seeing stagnation up to and passed 81. Don't be surprised if you have to roll out of the throttle both directions of 35 any day, any time actually, between 4 94 in downtown ST Paul West found 94 still rotten 61 to the capital in their change in Saint Paul North found 35 w You'll find it troublesome from right around 46 Street. Into downtown Minneapolis. Speaking of North Bound W. Somebody got turned and is now facing the wrong way on the right side of North found 35 W at the Burnsville Parkway, but before you even get to that down in Lakeville You're gonna bump the brakes and north bound by 35 past county, 60 South ST Paul, let's go over there to show off. Lost it on the loop from conquered the West found 4 94. Are eastbound. Maybe he took out a life full anyway. Doesn't matter. It's clear he's out of there. What I wanted to mention was the wreck on the right shoulder westbound for 94 at Hardman, so I'll watch out for that. After you cross the bridge, Ken Barlow says the showers will taper off and it's partly sunny and 83 today. I need some darts. This'd is my top dirt alert up to the minute entertainment and pop culture news. Heard of the top of every hour on my talk. One of 71. Yeah, that's really great. Could you please tell us what's going on? Angelina Jolie got covered in bees to celebrate world be day..

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