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That thing that was you know kind of you know had been done before maybe or you know was nothing new or that that now also kind of set me on my journey for my particular style for mine meaning different sustain. That made me different from everybody else. You know what. I'm saying being so and this works for everyone. Okay and the reason. I tell the stories because this works. If you're in beauty this works if you make cabinets this works if you do hair this works. If you're a jewelry designer what is your meaningful difference right and listen to your whisper and go for that. That is the one you'll win. I have to tell you. I think i. I've been lucky to work with some fabulous fabulous makeup artist and you know being on camera being in front. Generally the makeup artist is the last person to touch your face to be in your life. And i think probably part of what is you so successful is the fact that you are so positive. You're positively is infectious. And i'm sure every single one of the people that you have touched has gone on and been able to kind of suck a little bit of out of you and take it into their job seriously. I do know that's so funny that you say that because i never set out to be a celebrity makeup artist. That wasn't ever a plan for me. I just wanted to do makeup. I literally just wanted no matter who it was. It didn't matter to me. I just wanted to touch people safe. Touch people's bodies turned into whatever kind of crazy art we could do or just make people feel good but that was again my agent. That was jim. He said listen. He's like remember a long time ago he was like. I just think that celebrities are gonna be really important. They're going to transition out of models being on the cover of magazines and it's gonna be celebrities. And i'm going to focus your career undoing celebrities because you're just like this big cup of coffee in the morning your mama even before with a mama. I've always been a momma. Yeah and and. I just love and i love watching people shine. I love watching people grow. I love watching people do well. And i'm a cheerleader man. And that's so. It's kind of what i do and i love you. I love you. i feel like Like we are sisters from another. Mr i do you know. I want to be respectful of your time because they knew you had things today. I do have a question. Because i am upset with the data sticks. I'm wearing them today. A little social video. That i'm going to be putting up Right now i'm wearing in the autumn. Inner and the burnished bronze. So i love these because they stay on it super easy but i know that there's like you know we talked about this new beauty life. You've got like thirty seconds before these are set that yet. What are you used to blend. so basically what. I've been taking this burnished bronze and then up. Sorry i take. The light won the autumn shimmer and then burnished bronze in the crease. Yup yup what you used to blend them. Do you use a by. I use a brush. I use mostly use my fingers so like for example i would take it set on. You're putting it on your crease. They're very very creamy. And i'm literally will just take my finger. It's again it depends on what kind of look you're going for. And what kind of thing you're doing truth be told. I'll tell you how i did like an i like this. We just kind of like a soft. Smokey is i would thank you. I did it in five minutes What i do is i would take an eye shadow stick like so. I would glided all over my lid. Basically from lash. Line to mike crease. And then so that's all. You wanna do great lender with your finger by having i say if you do wanna smoke it out or you want to give even more dimension. I would take something like this. This is my rupaul pallet. Love it. I cannot say again paul ruhollah. That's the whole that's another show. We need like at least five. Show gone down mama so you know it have locked up but then i would take like an eye shadow and literally just used to blend so you can go right on top of your shadow sticks. They work you can show primer so of your powder. I put the shadow stick on the powder on tap. And then jane girl you first of all you bulletproof and ain't coming out so you decide to take it off and then you've got like the beautiful smokes out the also which i love. I love it. Melian him one. I wanna bring you back on. Because they knew there was like a lot of exciting things up in store and if people want to play with your makeup. It's so much fun. Where's the best place to go. Go to qvc dot com because we have so many options there. And it's really just you know for me at the end of the day. I love teaching. You know aside from creating and doing the makeup. And that i think he's tired less on one hundred and five. I know you need you. Guys are born the same year Right yeah exactly so see But yeah dot com and just again. We have sought the thing that i love about. Qbc we put everything together for you so it makes it very easy for you to get a good assortment of chatelet six. If that's what you wanna do a good assortment of eyeliner all that kind of stuff and also the frankly learn really go on the field. It's very affordable. And i'm telling you this is all been wearing. I'm obsessed with these. This is this is your. This is my pink malley. I'm here for the show. it's so it every day. Molly thank you so so much endure you. We're doing bringing her. Back abraham more. If anybody at home has any questions. They want me to pass onto the fabulous valium. I'm happy to do so you can find email us at. Hello at rpd podcast. You can find us on instagram and facebook and youtube at the podcast and we see you next tuesday..

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