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Now. Charter seven thirty seven down North Korean missile tests. I'm bar Necker. A Boeing seven three seven charter a robbing naval air station. One time obey Cuba crashed into the Saint John's river at naval station Jacksonville last night. One hundred forty three were on board. Twenty one adults were France porter to local hospitals in good condition. Cheryl Bormann says the flake route did a good job taking care of the passengers. Waited a liferaft that had been on the plane, and we began climbing into it. Everybody was helping everybody. The passengers terrific South Korean officials say North Korea test fired several short range projectiles Saturday morning. Local time from the country's eastern coast correspondent Pola Hancocks. And so with more on the story that joint chiefs of staff saying that they flee between seventy and two hundred kilometers. So that Sydney is in the rains round. The House Judiciary chairman is threatening to hold Turner general William bar in contempt of congress. If he fails to comply with the new Monday deadline for an original version of the mullahs report correspondent, Sunlen Serfaty says Jerry Nadler is a Justin some earlier demands, they're pushing to get the unredacted Muller report and underline materials DOJ has not complied with their subpoena requests, so Nadler making this counterproposal today saying that his committee would be willing to work with the DOJ to prioritize which investigative materials materials like witness interviews or turned over to congress. The April US jobs report from the Labor Department shows that solid economic growth is still encouraging strong. Hiring nearly a decade into the recovery from the great recession employers, adding a robust two hundred fifty three thousand jobs unemployment rate falling to a five decade. Low of three point eight percent..

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