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In fact the day he had a lengthy post talking about jeff from ge and was kind of critical of him because he didn't follow this moral compass and kind of take ownership for some of the things that happened to ged. So i would. I would put bill george the top. I mean if you ever asked that question you if you can have dinner with anybody alive who would it be. He often comes out of the one person one person i would want to have. I've i met him briefly in a senior talk and he just exudes of all of the all of the traits that i think are most important in a leader and i think it should be a cross industry. I felt fortunate that i worked at the company. That that he that he was a big. A big driver of but Yeah he's he's somebody that that stood out and then the other is. I'm gonna talk about a collection of leaders. This isn't an individual. But i don't know if you've ever read the book small giants no. I was going to ask you about a book so this is perfect. The book and now say i'm not sure the titles right. He's got a fishbowl on the cover anyway. it's a story about all. i think. Ten twelve companies that all chose not to scale and grow for the sake of growth. And i found it fascinating. It was probably one of the most influential books. I've read about talking about this. This role of companies isn't just mindlessly. Grow forever on now. I sound like i'm at odds earlier. I if we want to treat as many patients get that. But i just really. I really admire people who run businesses for an intense other than maximizing growth and profit. I mean those kind of are synonymous but you read the stories of these people like the one ones stands anchor steam brewery like. He decided not to grow when he could have the reasons why he didn't do that. Why chose not to grow made a lot of sense. So i always look back on it just again. It's kind of in the same light as bill george but make decisions that are right for the stakeholders be at the employees. The customers be at the leadership. Whoever and it's not always about growth and it's not always about unbridled expansion The collection all of the people that were in that book always. He has people that. I that i admired and i would love to emulate in terms of just stop process being true to themselves not falling into the group think and being very deliberate so that that would be probably one of the books that i that i would put on that on that list. I got reading assignment then. Yeah pat patrick. Any other questions. It's been a really really nice conversation. I've really enjoyed kind of the mix of tactical programs that you're working on and some of the strategic. So thank you very much..

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