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7 40 World, Katie our age. Do you know anything about Matthew McConaughey's politics at all, Sheriff? Oh, he's trying to present himself as a moderate. Yeah, I wonder. I mean, you know there are very few Couldn't you know, confirmed conservatives in Hollywood, especially a listers like him, But he's a taxi, but he's a Texan any loose in Texas. So there's that, you know, and and I'm hoping if he does, ever want to get involved in some capacity that he would be more right of center than left, But I'm just curious because I've never heard him talk about everybody likes him. Could be another. It could be another Schwarzenegger situation. You never go. No, But then again, Um I would say you put him up against a Beto. There's no question left hand right hand there. So you know, there's that You're right on. The question is is how many Californians moving to Texas would be here to vote for bait for a beta. I liked a column beta or work. That's the whole question about that. But I'm just curious because I like him. I think everybody likes moving your body in the right legs and ready on the left likes and problem merely because he's not. Ah woke Hollywood actor or, you know celebrity who is constantly making Ridiculously deranged statements and accusations of racism this and you know, police brutality that he stayed out of all of that mud, and that kind of makes him more likable. And I think It was just riffing here. I think that was you'll know. You'll know if he decides to run and which primary runs in, Obviously, yeah, of course, Sort of, But I think you know, sort of gonna be a great model for other Hollywood celebrities to follow. Seriously stay out of politics. They out of the womb of fights. You know, everybody, I guarantee you, Matthew. Makana Hayes curating is exponentially higher than that of you know, Like I said, the celebrities who decide to what wade into every single political argument that there is out there because you're alienating, you know, half of the people. Nobody knows how Matthew McConaughey feels they just like his personality is charming and he's fun and whoever wherever he runs, he's gonna get a lot of support just for being out of the woke. Nonsense. So I wish more would follow that lead. Okay? We've traced that rabbit down the whole Let's move. 5, 41 traffic.

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