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I personally, you know, the dismantling of this team, some people think, oh man, it's just absolute catastrophe, right? I didn't see it that way. I felt like this was inevitable. This core was going to break up. You had a lot of players, you know, kind of at the back end of their careers. You know, you really got the sense that Ali quigley could make a change. Candace Parker potentially. So I'm okay with the dismantling of the core we've seen the last couple of years. From there, there's always going to be a real rebuild. There's always going to be, you know, change. So from a coach's perspective, it feels like, okay, like, there's players. I mean, the roster got filled out one way or another. Okay, the goal is to try and be competitive this year. But then you could also combat that with, you know, the long-term success of this franchise. And I really believe I'm just in complete shock of how much was given away for, you know, in the maybe situation. I love Marina mabry. I think she's a great player. I think she brings a lot to this team and she'll step into a great role and she'll do really well there, but she has to. I mean, she has to do well there. But I just long term, it's baffling to me. It's alarming to me to be completely honest with you, but you know, I guess if you feel like you've got the resources in place and whatever in place to attract free agents, and that's how you're going to rebuild this team, then more power to you, but someone who's been around the franchise for so long, I'm concerned with that even. So rebuilding through free agency, not rebuilding through the draft, adding assets that way is alarming to me long term, I think we'll be talking about this for a while. I gave him the C minus. Sorry I get long winded on that one. I just think there's so much to unpack and there's so many different ways you can look at it. Hey, it's the hometown team, the hometown teams always get a little bit extra Connecticut's son back then. A month ago, I gave him a C plus and some people are like, what the heck are you doing? Similar in the mindset of like, you and I have been talking about this for a while. This team needed to be remodeled to use some home decor terminology. I'm sticking with it. And honestly, I might even bump them up as crazy as it sounds to a B and that's just because like you look at this team, don't want them on our list, Thomas. You add Thai Harris Rebecca Allen depending on Allen's health. Olivia and Elsa dota, I like that depth. I like that for the future. Getting Brie Jones back, keeping high them in. Tiff Hayes is a is a good addition in my mind. So when I look at it and I just think to myself, okay, they lost some athleticism in Courtney Williams, but they've added that back with tiff Hayes and shooting ability with Becca Allen and a good point guard in losing January and jazz Thomas and ty Harris. And then you look at it in the sense of, okay, they lost John qual Jones. Well, she was going to go anyway. So I don't necessarily view that as like a, you lost an MVP, you can't have a good grade. I think similar to Chicago, like I view these things from a, what is the situation? And how did they handle the situation? And I think Connecticut, given the cards they were dealt, your former MVP wanted out. Your point guard has been great, but realistically, at least from my perspective for a few years now, needed to no longer be the starter. So if you're Connecticut, why not make a move for her? And then you get something in return. To me, I think it was actually like, say what you want, a pretty, I wouldn't say masterful, but a pretty well done off season, you know, shifting many things for the Connecticut sun, but also finding a way to come out and still be a team that many are considering in that tier right below the super teams. Yeah, no, I actually gave him a B plus in my evaluation of it. And I stand by that here today. There needed to be change. Clearly, you're in a new era with new leadership, new front office, new coaching, new coaching staff. So that's the first and foremost aspect of this. The Kurt Miller Connecticut son era ran its course. They did what they did, but there needs to be there needs to be changed and there needs to be an influx of investment in just younger players. I like Rebecca Allen being added to this roster. I think there's a chance for her to kind of step into maybe a slightly bigger role than what she's been used to, being able to retain a Hyde man. I think was huge. That was a question mark as to whether that was actually going to happen. So that's a big thing. Olivia Nelson dota shows a lot of promise in terms of the type of player she can be in this league and her intangibles. Ty Harris is a guard that maybe I'm maybe I'm a Homer here and two invested in terms of just ties career, but I just feel like she's a really solid player that hasn't quite had the opportunity that she's needed in this league. And I think she could really thrive under a Steph white system and step into that role. So I mean, granted the amount of change this franchise went through, you can't look at them now here today in March and say, oh, they're not in, they're not, okay, they're not in the top two of New York and Vegas, but they're right in that next mix. In terms of complete team, potentially contender, surprise teams, teams that are going to in theory should win a lot of games this year. So I think they had a really solid year. And then the big one was retaining Brown of Jones. And being able to core her and what if I heard for at least one more year, I think that's huge. And build around her. It'll look a lot different, but I think it was a good for agency. Just going to drop it. We don't need to talk, talk about them. They've got enough attention. New York and Vegas both got a pluses, top grades. I mean, Vegas to talk a little bit. Vegas added depth that they did not have. And New York added a superstar roster added to MVPs and arguably one of the best, if not best point guards and league history. So I feel like, yeah. I do think it's important to mention just because these teams have so much talent, doesn't necessarily mean it works. They're so much, especially with Vegas. For me, it's Vegas. I'm not as concerned about New York because I kind of just feel like that might naturally fit. We'll also stewy John quell and sloot have all played together. Yeah, that's a great they have experience. You know it works together. I've said it time and time again. And according to my trolls on Twitter, I'm a huge Vegas hater, which is not true for the record. I've actually loved watching Las Vegas last recent years, but I do think it is interesting, just from a dynamic perspective. This is an interesting team that seems like the I've said it a few times so far through free agency, but this is a team that's been really connected chemistry wise, then you've got kind of the drama with the deer can be situation and then now you're bringing in a player like Candace Parker, how does that look? Does this team mesh well? Maybe it's not a big deal at all. And it works out great.

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