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Clearly, there's no love lost there. And I I happen to believe that winter Veras made that comment I think he did it on purpose. I think he knew he didn't know his name. Of course. And I got you know. I know I'm a ranger fan. And obviously I'm not now on the fan. But I like you said, we're all New Yorkers were all when it comes to that kind of thing. Yeah. And one thing that I admire about the is they have a tremendous. And I've said this for years going back to the old days. I've always said this about the about the islanders. They have a tremendous fan base. The fan base is right there. You know? Maybe you don't have as many fans the Rangers. They don't. But the fan base is just as passionate as any fan base in the New York metropolitan area is there's no doubt about that. And I thought also that last night the fact that it was on that it was actually at Nassau added to the event it needed to be there had to be they really did it had to be there. And and I know it's not an NHL arena. And that may not probably won't be there, long term home. Assuming Belmont is built successfully that's going to be where they play. But for the next couple of years, they're gonna play a lot of games on Nassau and last night. They may have changed the seats. It's the opposite of your your famous rent. They can change. Change the outcry. Put it still the old barn. And last night. The old barn was rocking. It was rocking. And this sometimes gets forgotten. That was a huge game last night. They have a stretch of games in their own building. They got Washington tonight. Right. Yeah. Which is home to. Yes. It's a five game homestand. Well, they've already played two of them this game. They played back to back home games. You'll see that a lot knock. Yeah. You don't see it that often it happens. Yeah. And it certainly happening tonight tonight. A very important game. They're they're head of Washington by two points with a game in hand, by the way. So it's more than just a two point lead. Really hope they wanted negatives. I guess going into this game tonight for the islanders is you really hope they didn't leave tonight on the ice last night. You worry about you hope that this head coach a Stanley Cup winning is going to give them a gentle reminder, which is a little Toronto's. Good team. They're playing no question, and they could very well. Better record any. I'll do. Right. Good team. Right. And to various all that. It is a very good win. But I think that this head coach Barry trots will remind them the importance of tonight because tonight is more important. It's the reality of it. But it was it was electric died. It was playoff atmosphere, and you're right. We're all New Yorkers, but one thing, and I know hockey, sometimes doesn't a lot of times doesn't get the respect around. Here. We all understand that the one thing about hockey fans, and this goes for the devil fans to they want to include them, I've been in New Jersey for devil playoff games. I know what they're like, it's not just a ranger-islander thing hockey fans in this town, and maybe all over I'm not traveling up tonight. Right. But the hockey fans in this town, I think they are the most passionate fans, and maybe a part of that is because they're just a smaller group of people than baseball fans and football fans, and even knick fans, it's just it's fewer people. But there is a lot of passion from hockey fans general and we've seen that we've seen that over the years with the Rangers, certainly and we've seen it with the islanders and devils. Even if it doesn't get the same kind of mainstream attention last night was an example for everyone to see I will admit I found it obnoxious and annoying. The Seahawks fans of other teams just taking shots at the. I don't get that. I I completely don't get that. You know, look, I understand maybe rain fans going Adam because they hate the ranger fan hates the Alda is maybe the devil fans. And all, but I mean, don't you understand what's going on here? You know, they, and I really think to the who does and Butch goring the color analyst. What's his first thing? Brandon burke. Okay. I mean, it'd be a little more understanding of what's going on with the fans because I didn't think there was enough of that. You know, what I mean be a little more understanding a wide of fans are doing what they're doing. And don't be so quick with the party line. You know what? I mean, you're talking about from the broadcast. Yes. I am. Learn more it's come to this where I kind of. I don't listen to that. I expect that I expect that the broadcast is not going to necessarily represent what a lot of fans. You know what I mean? I don't mean to rip the Mets, but I don't expect. I'm ripping Gary Cohen for this. I don't expect him to go on the broadcast and rip ownership or not spend. You know what I mean? It's sort of similar one guy to to do that. Well, they they can't they wanna have it. They want to have a job. You know, what fair point to not do that the one guy with the Mets that would go with do. It is probably Ron darling. Ida Grondahl to me. He's the one guy that I think really understands what the fan base and you're right. And when that kind of thing happens, it's cool run we admire, but I I guess I just don't get bothered by it not. I am not watching every all of the game. I mean, I've watched a couple of this year is the first time I really locked into the game. Because. You know, what's going on? And I just felt that they even Goering a little bit. You understand a little more. What's going on here with this fan base? Especially when you and let's be honest with this with the various to okay. This is not Mike bossy or Bryan trottier or dentist pot band or somebody that won four Stanley Cups but his team. This is a guy that won one playoff series in his nine years here. So not like Gionta virus, and you can say whatever he Dell did this pretty organization did that for nothing. Guy and he helped them win that round each game. He was a really good player. Right. I was thinking about that last night show if he had won a couple different story. It would have been a different would've. Of course, there would've been no doubt, but deals and it's not blaming him. Okay. A lot of its onboard. They were a team even if let's say the kind of career that Henrik Lundqvist with the Rangers. And they made all these big playoff. Ron's. They went to a finals. He was great. And that kind of guy I think it would be different to didn't win. I think it would be different. I also think the age is a big factor. It's the prime of his career twenty seven twenty eight years old, right? But I never I wasn't bothered by them as much. I guess I was bothered by the lack of understanding. I think we try to what I'm saying the lack of understanding from other fans. Yeah. Well fans, I don't think that's what I think more at is just a it's an opportunity for fans of all the teams to just take a shot shot. Yeah. At the at the island the fan when let's be honest. If you really that hard core of a fan of whatever team it would. It happened to you a team you'd be doing the same thing. That's all nonsense. You're probably right. It's probably something that shouldn't bother me or any other islander fan. But that's the thing that I took more notice of than the way the broadcast was handled because I think the broadcast last night was about you as an office as fans hearing the reaction. We heard all of it all of it. And there were some really good ones past your bedtime was great personal favorite wasn't. That's our captain. I. Lease gotta be pretty happy here. And that helps them keep them in Lonnie island scored a goal last night. That's what had happened. That was perfect. Right. And they also Toronto at a goal wiped off on the side. Which was on the guy did not have is foot on the on the blue line. He had his foot above it. No question. So we'll get to Bryce Harper. JT's return? Anything else you want to discuss at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six. We'll do a lot of football today. We'll check in with Paul detino from Indianapolis at the combine Brian Costello from Indianapolis with the combine. And of course, a lot of conversations with you. But ain't going Roberts here in the mid day on a Friday to.

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